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  1. abissnails

    How do I get my Sulcatas to eat grass?

    When I bought my first Sulcata I read that they were mainly grass eaters. So I just pulled some from our lawn (we do not spray any pesticides). I feed it grass mixed with a spring mixture, but it always avoided the grass. I just got 3 other Sulcatas and they all avoid grass!! So my questions...
  2. abissnails

    My tortoises

    Okay, so I have 7 Tortoises. One is a Red-Footed tortoise and he/she lives by himself. He/she is 5 months old and it’s named Squirt. I also have 2 Russian Tortoises that live together. I have one female (Penelope) and one male (Max) that are both one year old. Then I have 4 Sulcata Tortoises...