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  1. jlyoncc1

    Confirmation of ID please

    A friend of mine lives in Buffalo, NY. Sent me these pics asking if the turtles should be hibernating already. My boxies are but this poor thing is missing both front legs and its tail. He figures racoons got to it. I think it is a wood turtle. Opinions? Suggestions?
  2. jlyoncc1

    My first earthquake!

    Just had an earthquake in Mineral, VA. A 6.2. I live in New Jersey and my house was shaking and swaying! Not used to that stuff on the east coast. I was quite confused for a few seconds as to what was going on!
  3. jlyoncc1

    Lost Sulcata New Jersey

    I know this is probably a long shot, but I am keeping my fingers crossed. I am posting this for someone that posted on craigslist. She has had her 40 lb. Sulcata tortoise escape from her yard. The tortoise was living near Centerton Road in Mt. Laurel, NJ. Any info would be appreciated. She...
  4. jlyoncc1

    My Family

    ]Here is an updated pic of my family. We were getting ready to leave for my brothers wedding. Left to right in the back is me, my oldest son Shane, daughter Shelby, daughter Anna, hubby John. In the front are sons Jacob and Tim. Wedding was a blast!!!
  5. jlyoncc1

    Stolen Wildlife - Interesting article

    While waiting for 2 yes 2 hours in the Drs. office today with my daughter, I read an article in the Smithsonian December 09 issue. It was about the poaching of animals from the wild for sale as pets. This stat kind of blew my mind. "The illicit animal trade is surpassed only by drugs and...
  6. jlyoncc1

    Bummed for My Daughter

    My daughter plays soccer at a very competitive level. She made the National Olympic Devel. Team last year at 15 yrs old. She was invited to try out again this year. She was supposed to leave March 3 for Tampa. They invite the top 2% of the girls in her age bracket in the nation and then pick...
  7. jlyoncc1

    I Have Eggs! And an add'l discovery!

    So, one of my 3 toeds started digging this evening. Kept checking on her and when she was done filling in her hole I started digging them up. Well to my dismay I started to uncover maggots! I thought "How could they possibly have gotten to my eggs that fast?" Then I noticed eggs that were...
  8. jlyoncc1

    3-toed incubation questions

    I know I have probably asked this before, I searched old threads with no luck. Anyway, what are the incubation times and temps for 3 toeds? I have one of my females digging a nest right now so I want to get the incubator ready. Also, can I use a peat or eco earth moistened to put the eggs in?
  9. jlyoncc1

    Start of Tort Wading Pool Pictures

    I have been wanting to construct a wading pool for my sulcatas instead of having to soak them in a baby pool, so here is the start of construction! 1st we dug a hole with slanted sides the approx. size we wanted. 2nd My husband mixed the concrete and started with a good heavy base...
  10. jlyoncc1

    My New Boy!

    This guy was a surrender to me last night. He had a pretty good size abcess. Went to the vet and all is good. His color is really pretty!
  11. jlyoncc1

    Ear Abcess?

    I have someone bringing me a EBT tonight. Have not seen it yet, but the girl thought he has an ear abcess and does not have the money to get it to the vet. I have a great vet but was just wondering if this is something that is just treated with antibiotics?
  12. jlyoncc1

    3-toed Threesome! LOL

    Well my little boy has been very busy lately with the girls. This is the 2nd time I have caught him in the act. Apparently one of the other gals is jealous! Let's pray for eggs!
  13. jlyoncc1

    My Sulcatas - Especially for Robyn!

    Here are some updated pics of my sulcatas. Tonga with a messy face of Mazuri! Juno and Squirt sharing some breakfast. This is Squirt that I adopted from Robyn. Everyone waiting to eat. So far, the grass is holding up.
  14. jlyoncc1

    The Boys are Showing their Stuff - HELP!

    So, 3 of my sulcatas are about 4 1/2 yrs. old. They have been together since they were hatchlings. Today I decided to put in another sulcata that I got from Robyn. Not sure of age, but have had her in quarantine for a long time. We decided to open the whole pen to give them more wandering...
  15. jlyoncc1


    I just wanted to wish everyone a very Happy Mother's Day! I hope your day is great and you get pampered!
  16. jlyoncc1

    Mushroom Climber!

    I have suddenly had an outburst of mushroom growth. This is my baby boxie who has taken to climbing them! Should I remove them? What do you think?
  17. jlyoncc1

    Addition to Existing Pen

    We have decided to build new pens for the various box turtles so that we can give the entire existing pen for the sulcatas. This one houses my 3-toeds. We will be adding two more down the side and another in the back. We did hinged lids for easy access. This pic shows the addition...
  18. jlyoncc1

    Feeding Time at the Zoo!

    I thought I would share some pictures of my various box turtles. The first is a 2.1 group of EBT's from a rescue in Maryland. This little EBT was a victim of my neighbor's rototiller. He is now healthy. I want to see him eat a bit more. He is only about 2". This one came from...
  19. jlyoncc1

    Three-toed Box Turtle Questions

    I am acquiring a 1.3 group of 3 toeds tomorrow. The current owner has them hibernating in a rubbermaid tub. She pulled them out today, weighed them and checked them over. Everyone looked good. She wants to place them directly with me so that when they wake up they will be at their permanent...
  20. jlyoncc1

    Anyone Have Pet Frogs?

    My son would like to get a pet frog. Can anyone recommend a low maintenance frog that we can get? Someone told me African Clawed Frogs were easy. Any suggestions? Thanks!