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  1. SPILL

    Pyxis wanted

    I'm looking to add eight P.a.a. Will take individuals or groups. If you are a breeder with none available but keeping a waitlist please let me know how to be added to your list. Thank you.
  2. SPILL

    Anyone feed cockscomb?

    Tortoise table lists as a do not feed due to oxalates and saponins. It seems that many people feed plants with oxalates and there seems to be doubt as to the harmfulness of saponins to tortoises. According to wikipedia some saponins can aid in animal digestion and enhance nutrient absorption...
  3. SPILL

    ID? Edible?

  4. SPILL

    My new favorite turtle.

  5. SPILL

    Looking for brumating information

    Can anyone point me in the right direction for write-ups on brumation for P.a.a?
  6. SPILL

    Acceptable Growth?

    2 Paa Both were received on 5/8/19 #1 Hatch date - 2/8 Weight when received - 25.9g Current weight - 40.9g #2 Hatch date - 3/15 Weight when received - 21.1g Current weight - 28.7g Do these numbers look ok? Growth is consistent, there has not been a decrease yet from one weighing to the next...
  7. SPILL

    Our Mastiff, Our Hero

    I thought I heard my wife letting the dog out last night. Then I heard a growl and a thud and Bane came running up the hallway. I got up to look and my wife was asleep in bed with Bane positioned between her and the door. I walked out to the living room and there was an upturned coffee table and...
  8. SPILL

    Spider Babies

  9. SPILL

    A couple of our cavemen

  10. SPILL

    Tim Beard Forum Member Tim/Robin

    I received two beautiful P.a.a hatchlings from Tim yesterday. He was quick to answer any and all questions. Within an hour of unpacking both hatchlings were eating and drinking. In the heat of last summer I contacted Tim about a pancake that he had available. He held the tortoise for me at no...
  11. SPILL

    Locale of Smallest Westerns?

    I was hoping to confirm, or be corrected if I'm wrong, that the Mt. Etna locale are the smallest on average, followed closely by the Apulians. Thanks in advance.
  12. SPILL

    Are these Indian market finds OK?

    I came up empty when searching tortoise table on some fresh leaves that I just picked up from the Indian market and wanted to see if anyone here could help before I use them. Gongura leaves, methi, and mango leaves. I also got one that was marked pan leaf. It showed up on the receipt as...