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  1. Opuntia

    Substrate and lighting

    Can anyone tell me please if spruce bark is ok as a substrate and can I use a Che for basking? I do use Arcadia Jungle Dawn LED bars for daylight. I can only find Arcadia flood bulbs in the UK at £ 3.99 per bulb. Crazy price for a bulb.
  2. Opuntia


    We are having problems with rats in our loft space which is on the same floor as my tortoise room. My question is are the rats coming in after the torts. I'm sure I don't need to tell you how worried we are any advice would be appreciated.
  3. Opuntia

    Help choosing substrate please.

    please can anyone tell me if this mix is safe to use in my tortoise enclosure?
  4. Opuntia

    Solar meter has arrived. ?????????

    How do I know if solar meter is correct???? Today at 11.30 the sun was out but not very strong the reading I got was 5.5. I have tested Acadia mvb 80w at a distance of 13in 33cm and have a reading of 6.5 does this sound right?
  5. Opuntia

    Is this safe?

    Can I use this plant in my tortoise enclosure?
  6. Opuntia

    Solarmeter again.

    Does anyone in UK have 6.5 solar meter? if so could you let me know the company's name or contact details. UK only please.
  7. Opuntia

    Solarmeter advice please

    Hi. I would like help selecting the correct meter for my Hermanns tortoises. I have attached images of some I have found. Also can you explain the numbers for me some say 5 6.5 8 10? I live in uk so weather isn't the best. so as I understand it as long as the tortoise get 2/3hrs Sun or outside...
  8. Opuntia

    HELP. PLEASE. (color change)

    Please can anyone tell me does this looks like hatching failure syndrome? I have only just noticed the colour change at the top of the large 3rd section from the head it was black. The baby is two week off 1yr and weighs 47g, only gained 1g in the last 4 wks despite eating well. Thanks for any...
  9. Opuntia

    Hermanns hatchling

    Do Hermann hatching benefit from a closed camber?
  10. Opuntia

    Beech chips

    Help needed please. I'm using top soil and coco coir can I use beech chip instead of orchid bark or cypress mulch as a top layer? Many thanks
  11. Opuntia

    Herrmanns eggs

    I recently started incubate Hermann eggs I put them on moist perlite only trouble is humidity was to high over 99, so changed to dry perlite and just added dish of water humidity is now 70. Have I done the right thing will eggs be ok? They have chalked. Shirl
  12. Opuntia

    Anyone else have this problem?

    Hi. I have two Hermanns 9 &10 housed separately. Each has Acadia 100w uv lamp plus other lighting and 4/8 indoor run in a spare bedroom temperature are 34/27/24/21. One will get up and move to heat in the morning the other will stay in night box unless I get him up. When up they will both find...
  13. Opuntia

    Male or female

    Please can anybody help to ID if my Hermanns tortoise is male or female. I have been told male and that he has a deformity is this so? Many thanks shirl
  14. Opuntia

    Please can anyone help prolapse or not.

    I have Hermanns tortoise he is 9yrs old. when he goes to Poo and maybe wee not so sure about wee, something dark comes out. It always goes back in. I'm very worried should I take him to the vet? Also any idea if it a male or female. Many thanks shirl. is male or female? Please see files...
  15. Opuntia

    Introducing H&H

    Happy days.
  16. Opuntia

    New to forum

    Hi New to forum. I have two male Hermanns tortoise they are 9&10yrs. I've had one for 1 1/2 yrs and the other for only 3months. I found the forum a few months ago. I love reading all the posts, It's helped me in so many ways.