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  1. KBeam

    When do you give up on a diverse diet?

    A few months ago I took in an ornate box who is delightfully quirky and sassy. At the time she was being fed fancy feast, random turtle food and romaine. I moved her to a premium box turtle food, a limited ingredient cat food, with romaine sparingly, while I introduced new food. Over the past...
  2. KBeam

    Sex of ornate box turtle? Food?

    I recently took in an ornate box turtle (with the proper permit for Illinois). I have two questions: 1. What sex is she? I’m thinking female, she is 4.25” plastron length, so I would think she’s close to full grown. And, 2. She will only eat softened box turtle food, pumpkin purée and wet...
  3. KBeam

    Ornate Box Turtle, best indoor enclosure?

    I’m taking in a 3” female ornate box turtle and am confused about what enclosure I should use. I have a 36”x24”x10” tub, but I’ve been told the turtle could climb out. So, I’ve looked at large glass terrariums (what she’s in right now) and Waterland tubs (there’s a primarily land version with...
  4. KBeam

    Basil, a little yoga while soaking

    I took this photo of my Eastern Hermann’s hatchling Basil striking a yoga pose during his morning soak. It’s hard to tell how small he is, last Friday he was 17g and 3.5cm. But he has a full grown galap personality [emoji3]!
  5. KBeam

    New to the Tortoise Forum

    Hi! I’m new to the Forum and new to tortoises. I’ve wanted a tortoise since I was a little kid, but am just now in a good place to take on caring for one. I haven’t received my tortoise yet, but have purchased a Western Hermann’s from Chris Leone at Hermanni Haven and Garden State Tortoise...