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  2. harris

    New wheelz.......

    2020 Ford Raptor. They weren't lying when they said it goes 0-60mph in 5.2 seconds......
  3. harris

    Mccord’s Box Turtles

    It’s been 6 weeks since they arrived and have settled in perfectly. They no longer retract their heads when I enter their room (gee, I wonder why ). I have two more (unrelated) coming in the near future, which will bring me to 0.0.4. This only helps the chances of male vs female.
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    It’s been 5 months since these two little beasts arrived. They have doubled their size. Their appetite is relentless. They remind of a pelican, to which ANYTHING they can fit in the jaws on those massive heads, they will swallow it. They will eat until they have a worm or pinky tail hanging out...
  5. harris

    The day is finally here.....

    It's been a long wait, but so well worth it. I was literally shaking when I was opening their shipping box. Cuora mccordi
  6. harris

    A couple of indoor water tubs.....

    They’re 200g and are filtrated by Fluval FX4’s. All of my turtles are endemic to SE to S Asia. Can you guess the two species that inhabit these two?
  7. harris

    C trifasciata

    One of the most colorful species around, for sure. Their personalities are just as cool....
  8. harris

    Hello, ladies.....

    Might I interest you in a cold beverage?
  9. harris

    Annie Fanny.....

    Like that first morning cup of coffee to us. Or that first cold beer on a Friday after work. That is what a bumper is to a Labrador.
  10. harris

    My Right Hand Boy...

    After 'Arry drove us home from grabbing some lumber from a friend, we built another base for a couple of new stock tanks. You should see him swing a hammer! In 2 months he will officially become and adult. Time flies......
  11. harris


    The fantastic little beasts arrived 2 days ago. Kept separate, they're now eating and have acclimated well. Even at this less than 6 months yr's of age, they will aggressively attack each other, which is why they will always be kept by themselves. I learned my lesson the hard way almost 30yrs...
  12. harris

    Annual lighting day

    $900 and 16 bulbs later, we're good until next year this time 9 of the bulbs will remain off from late May thru early Oct, which those are outdoors during that time.
  13. harris

    Cuora mccordi

    I have 2 arriving as soon as the weather is safe to ship. For those of you that understand how so incredibly fortunate and also humbled I am to be able to work with this species, stay tuned to this thread. Also, just as equally cool, I have 2 Platysternon megacephalum coming with them. All 4...
  14. harris

    Life can be pretty ruff.....

  15. harris

    Antique Firearms, ATTN : Len

    These were given to my father by my great grandfather. My great grandfather's father gave them to him (confused yet?) My great grandfather was born in 1893. Len, my father's mind is slipping, and I know he told me in the past the years they're from, but I didn't pay enough attention. He told me...
  16. harris

    Approaching 9 months.....

    He's turning out to be a fine young boy.
  17. harris


    So how many members made it down this year? This is the 3rd straight year I haven't gone and I'm starting to feel like I'm regretting it.
  18. harris

    Aaaaand another trifasciata

    Only this one hatched out a few weeks back. No, they're really not this big. My fiancé just has freakishly small hands!
  19. harris

    Cuora trifisciata

    After longing to work with this species for many years now, I have finally pulled the trigger. They are considered (as with other SE Asian species) among the rarest turtles in the world. My hope is that it is the charter member of a small group I will establish.
  20. harris

    Black Labs, "white" Labs......

    All Labs matter! Harris is a little over 5 months now. At this point he's still all legs, but will be starting to fill out over the next few months.