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  1. Darwinsmom

    Is this shell rot?

    Darwin’s shell is starting to look a little rough. I soak him 2-3 times a week (what I read causes shell rot is shell is too dry) and I’m concerned because his shell looks like it’s getting kinda cracks in it if that makes sense? His indoor enclosure has the UVB bulb and temp underneath is...
  2. Darwinsmom

    Should I keep Darwin outside?

    I have both an indoor enclosure and outdoor enclosure for my Russian tortoise Darwin. He started out with just the indoor enclosure and seemed to like it well enough, until I built him his outdoor enclosure. I started putting him outdoors a few days ago, and could tell instantly that he LOVES...
  3. Darwinsmom

    Anyone's tortoise have had Nematodes? How do I administer meds?

    Hello, I adopted my 2 year old Russian Tortoise Darwin 8 days ago. I noticed he had runny poop when I brought him home so I scheduled a vet visit for him that week. He saw the vet on Thursday and they took a culture and the vet called today and said his culture came back with a parasite called...