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  1. CarolM

    Bearded Dragons

    Hi, I am taking over a bearded Dragon who is male and his name is Phoenix. But I know very little about them even though I have always wanted one. I have been doing my research on the internet and as usual there is always a lot of information, but which information do you trust and follow. So...
  2. CarolM

    Crested gecko's

    Good Morning All, I am thinking of getting a crested gecko. Any advice on best care, and enviroment etc that I need to know about which is not the nonsense from pet shops? Thank you Carol
  3. CarolM

    Naturall insect repellent safe for Torts

    Hi All, Does anybody know if I try these two remedies for garden pests if they would be detrimental to my torts? Okay I could not past the pic. But the remedies are vinegar (1 teaspoon of vinegar mixed with 1 litre of water.) and the other remedy is two cups of water with two spoon full's of...
  4. CarolM


    Hi We had a visitor this morning in our kitchen. I have never had one visit me before and did not even realise that we had them in our area. Any ideas on how I can stop them from visiting again without resorting to poison? As obviously with the torts I cannot chance putting poison down.
  5. CarolM

    Exo-terra Waterfall (For running drinking water and extra humidity)

    What is the viability of putting in an Exo terra Waterfall into my closed chamber? Is it safe and a good idea or a bad idea. If anybody has any experience with it and how it worked I would love to know. My idea is to use it for running drinking water from the perspective of keeping the water...
  6. CarolM

    A Christmas Story, written by all the roommates from The Cold Dark Rooms

    The CDR Christmas Story... It was two weeks before Christmas and the kids are getting so excited about Christmas. I love Joe, Torento, Clunker, Jacques, Sully, Ma, Mo, Kristoff, Rue, Kang, Clark, Harry, Blue, Whity, Pickles, Tidgy, Oli Bold, Julio and Misty so so much and I cannot disappoint...
  7. CarolM

    Load Shedding and what do I do.

    So Cape Town has started load shedding again. The power goes off for about two to two and a half hours. My worry is that if I am at work and the power is out which means the CHE will go off and the lights too. During the day we are hitting around 30 degrees celsius but sometimes lower...
  8. CarolM

    More dog training advice, please?

    I need some help please. I adopted a dog in March this year which had previously been living on the streets from the SPCA. My problem is that he keeps on peeing on my lounge floor and against my couch. The thing is I can never catch him in the act and most of the time the door is open for him to...
  9. CarolM

    Just For You @Tom

    This is hanging out in my garden. I saw it and thought of you Tom.
  10. CarolM

    A Wild One.

    Just three photos. Of a wild Bowsprit tortoise.
  11. CarolM

    Need Help (cold tortoise)

    Hi Everyone. BeastMaster7 sent me this message and needs help. However as I don't have stars, I would prefer to post it on the forum so that those with stars can give the correct help.: Monsoon season has begun and started problems for me! NEED HELP They started to show signs of cold as...
  12. CarolM


    Hi Everyone. Would chicken manure be ok to use as a fertilizer in the garden where I am growing my tort food? All opinions and advice would be appreciated.
  13. CarolM

    Fun Facts

    I was searching for a Melberry tree and came across this. Very interesting - as it also mentions tortoises. I wonder if anyone knows which tortoise would be found here?
  14. CarolM

    Rue - Starting to shed or something Else

    Hi Everyone Can anyone tell me if Rue is starting to shed or is it possibly something else?
  15. CarolM

    Insect - not sure if centipede or millepede

    Hi Can i put these in my inside enclosure to help with clean up. I was looking for pill bugs but could not find any.
  16. CarolM

    Sand / Soil

    Just a short question: What is the difference between sand and soil?
  17. CarolM

    Weed I.D please

    Hi Everyone. Could you please help identify these plants for me. They grow in the field next to me and i was not able to identify them on picture this. And then the geranium is identified on picture this as garden geranium but when I look it up on the tortoise table the plant looks nothing like...
  18. CarolM

    Write your story of what and or how TFO helped you.

    So here goes my story. Last year on the 31 May 2017 little Rue came into my life. I had absolutely no clue on how to look after Rue. I of course googled all sorts of websites with info etc. I kept Rue in a little table with sand and grass. I thought I had it sorted. But I had sand in my table...
  19. CarolM

    TFO Bowsprit Babies - Ages and updated weights

    Good Morning All, Just wanted to find out if those of you who have hatched any Bowsprit babies could share your babies current age and weight? Thank you all (in Advance :D)
  20. CarolM

    Does anyone recognise this?

    Hi I saw this at a Chinese market. They called it yellow flower. Does anybody know what it actually is? I would like to find out if I can feed it to my torts but need it's actual name.