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    Popped up in YouTube.
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    My babies both same species so why do they look so diifferent,

    Since they aren’t identical twins, they will be similar to one another & have the same traits & characteristics, but not look exactly alike. Just like a litter of kittens or puppies, all similar.
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    Are you still thinking of putting a pool in the yard?
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    Red-eared slider - swollen eyes and no eating " video included"

    Getting back to the sick pigeon/eye issue problem drinking at turtles water. There was a large outbreak of birds with eye issues earlier in the Spring here on the East Coast. Lets not discount that angle. Background On June 9, the U.S. Geological Survey’s National Wildlife Health Center...
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    Happy Tuesday. A bit overcast & muggy. We did some early morning weed pulling & edging. We’ve let a few areas get a bit weedy ‘cause it’s been stinking too hot & humid all Summer. Early morning & evening temps are now tolerable. Leaves on our Hybrid Tulip Poplars are starting to fall...
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    Tortellini the Sulcata

    Greetings and welcome to the Forum. Make sure you spend some time reading through @Tom ’s gospel on raising young Sulcatas. ➡️➡️ You are right to worry about pyramiding - as it’s obvious...
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    I hated getting the first MOT on my car after shipping it over. Had to have the front head lights dipped down and to the left so that our US lights don’t blind on-coming traffic that is now on the right side. I also had in install a single separate super bright rear fog light in the rear of...
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    Good morning All.
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    Where’s Hoffa?
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    Mystery snail eating algae in a non conventional way

    Very cool. I found a few wild mystery snail egg deposits a few years back while kayaking in Florida. They were laid on the posts of a few docks. We have 9 in our current tank and they really are growing nicely. A mix of Ivory & Yellow ones. No eggs yet.
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    Slowly. Lets not rush it!
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    Happy Sunday all. A cracking day here 5his morning. Bright sunshine coupled with cool Autumnal temperatures. I got out kayaking early this morning. Pretty perfect really. Enjoy your Sunday. Lots of football in the US to watch & gardening too.
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    Aagh, the board. Going to add an extension to my ”temporary” work bench. I’ll cut off a few sections and augment the table top. No problem finding birdseed. I‘ve only been feeding one cup or less a day. This way if the squirrels get hungry, they only get a small bit.
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    Is this good substrate? Seems kinda sus

    Looks like it has perlite mixed in along with probably other non-bark items. You want pure bark. Tortoises tend to pick at and eat the perlite which can cause impaction. Coco coir or cypress mulch (natural, no additives or dyes) will work as well. ➡️➡️...
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    Planting forage grasses & weeds

    Take a look at what American Meadows has to offer. They have a large selection of “grasses” including fast growing types used for cover crops. All types of clovers, etc.
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    Plants in tortoise enclosure

    Greetings & welcome. One thing you don’t want to do is buy plants from any old garden centre and plant them in the enclosure straight away. You have no idea what they have been sprayed with or fertilized. It’s really best to get a “clean” plant, remove the soil, replant, let it grow out for...
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    Sun is playing tag with some low hanging clouds today. Humid as all heck here today (77%) but our Sully loves it. Another month or so and it will soon be time for Ms Sully to come back inside for Winter. 😩 Quick trip to Lowes today, picked up a nice 2”x10”x8 ft long pine board. $16.00 for a...
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    But….the dude playing with the bin, he might have his own cameras & catch Lyn disposing of it. Our neighbor did this for a bit….we had some words with him, he moved it back. We eventually played real hard ball & had the County crack down on him for infraction after infraction. He moved & we...