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    Substrates HELP

    Hello, as most know ive got 2 hermanns tortoises. Our petstore had told me theyre getting aspen and hemcore in, turns out theyre not any more. At the moment im stuck with yuckie woodchips, and i dont want to use them! as when they dig, it appears the be digging into their scales and causing...
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    Telling differences

    How does everyone tell the differences between a greek and a greek ibera? Because both are different!
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    Reptile Show Photos

    Hey guys, just wondered if anyone had a few pics of a reptile show and the reptiles they sell? Ive never seen them
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    My other kids

    Jessie my baby boy aged 5 or 6 years old One of my coldwater fish Abe (female) was a rehomer from my eldest brother. the rest of my fish (orange male fantail named flow) maxie my ferret lucky my granddads dog (who i babysit during summer holidays cuz grandparents go away)...
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    My big girl (i call her that cuz shes been the largest FEMALE tortoise ive ever had, only 4 inches. my last ones were only 1.5 to 3 inches), well she's been showing my other tortoise (who im assuming now is also female, but i could be wrong.) that shes boss and noone else. Heres some pics to...
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    Some more pics

    of my babies in their cage:
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    Bath time

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    Refreshed Indoor Cage

    So i did some thinking, went out brought a new log hide, and now i have refreshed the indoor enclosure. Changed the substrate to fresh and clean. Added the log hide, added some grass. And that was it and im happy with how it turned out =] heres some pics..
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    New photos

    Beeen REALLLY hot outdoors lately. heres some photos of my babies enjoying it.
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    Serious discussion

    Ok, ive always wondered everyones views on thsi kinda thing. What do you think to sexuality? Homosexual Bisexual.. transexual. I myself am not ashamed to share my thoughts. I am 15 years old, and Gay. I have known for a long time now. I actually had a boyfriend when i was 13. I right...
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    My RIP torts

    When i first purchased Jerry and peewee, i was a stuborn person and didnt listen to Repticzone's care advice, because our old vey and petstore gave us the wrong care sheeet, and we thought it was correct cuz our old tortoise toby was just left in the garden all year round. So anyway, by the...
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    Hermanns tortoise diet

    [/b]This is for hermann tortoise owners. THey cannot eat Tomatoes or fruit, however a slice of tomatoe or fruit once every week wont do any harm as a treat. But only once a week and only 1 thin slice, chopped finely. These tortoises need a diet of: weeds, flowers and plants and greens...
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    My tortoises

    Hi, i have 2 hermann tortoises - Looi and daisy! Looi- aged 1+, THB, had problems with legs but is now healthy. Loves having company but hates humans handling him. He eats well and his diet is weeds, flowers and plants and cucumber. And sometimes greens (specially in winter)...
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    newbie here

    Hiya guys! my names taylor, for my deep profile click the link below: and for my website: :D my names Taylor, aged 15 (recently turned 16th july), located in nuns eat on england. ^^