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  1. Kimm91

    Size average 5 year old Hermann

    Hi guys Robin is 5 years old this year and it's looking more likely to be female. Any ideas on roughly what size she should be round about now? I know it's different for each tort but just an average would be great
  2. Kimm91


    Ok this is probably a stupid question my mother in law decided to give Robin my hermann some cooked fish confusing her for a turtle. She loved it! Is it harmful? I know that in the wild she wouldn't get fish so any pointers?
  3. Kimm91

    The nail like tail

    Saw on another page that hermanns with this nail like bit on the tip of the tail are male but I was sure it was just a part of all hermanns. Someone clear this up for me please?
  4. Kimm91

    How to not hibernate??

    Ok so Robin has been doing great but I've noticed s/he has started to slow down, eating less and sleeping more. I have only had Robin a few months so I've decided not to hibernate this year. What should I do with regards to lighting times etc Kimm :)
  5. Kimm91

    Another lighting question

    Ok I'm going to get a MVB with crematic fitting. Should i need any other bulbs and if someone could explain CHE to me please I have a 2 year old Hermann Kimm :)
  6. Kimm91

    Eastern or Western?

    I got Robin a few days ago. Robin is 2 years old but I was just wondering if anyone could help with the subspecies? Kimm :)
  7. Kimm91

    Meet Robin :)

    I'm going to keep this updated as much as possible. So here's the beginning to Robins story. Robin is a 2 year old hermann who we came across for sale on Gumtree turns out the lady's son bought Robin ( previously named Teddy) but was then offered a job in Australia. Robin has settled in very...
  8. Kimm91

    What is this and is it edible?

    I live in Scotland and just found this in my garden any ideas guys? Kimm :)
  9. Kimm91

    Hermann diet

    I need a list of greens I can buy in a supermarket like asda in Glasgow is purple radish and watercress ok? I can't find spring mix if anyone would help that would be great Thanks Kimm :)
  10. Kimm91

    Needing a bit of help with starter kit???

    Finally after months of trawling through websites breeder pages and Gumtree I'm finally picking up my hermann on Wednesday :D however since it's all kinda last minute what exactly am I going to need for the wee one he's apparently 2 years old and I know there's no guarantee on him being a he. If...
  11. Kimm91

    Hermanns in the UK

    Not sure if this is the right place to post but I'm looking for a hermann breeder in the UK preferably Scotland or the north of England. I don't want my wee guy to be shipped or couriered as I've heard some bad stories so id like to drive and pick him/her up. I'm in Glasgow so would be hoping...
  12. Kimm91

    New from Scotland

    Hi there I'm getting a hermann in a couple of months (for Christmas) finally after pestering my parents for as long as I can remember. Joined to learn as much as I can before I get my little guy/gal any advice would be greatly appreciated. I have done my own research online but there is soo much...