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  1. iota

    Quacking Redfoot

    My redfoot, Amelia Pond, quacks at me and my husband. Most of the time it is during her soaks, but we recently had some nice weather in the high 70s so I took her out for some sunshine. She was quacking at me there, too. Is non-mating related quacking normal, or is she trying to steal my...
  2. iota

    I'm glad you guys are here

    I've had my tortoise a week. When I picked her out, she was active, dry eyed, and didn't shy away from us. Prior to buying her I asked you all questions, browsed the forums and learned a lot. On Thursday I came home from work and put her in her soak tub. I heard her whistling. I called...
  3. iota

    Our new girl

    I've been posting for about a week, and asking a thousand questions. Thanks everyone so much! I'm glad you're here. We finally bought our tortoise. She's a little girl. My daughter has named her Amelia Pond. This is her very very temporary home. She has a 4x8 Tortoise table that will be...
  4. iota

    Redfoot Care Sheet?

    I am new to a pet tortoise. It is something I have wanted since I was about 10 years old. I am now in my late 30s. When my 7 year old asked for one for her birthday, I was like "YES! Win!!" I've had many of other reptiles in my life, so I am no stranger to the care and work that goes into...