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  1. EdMurphy

    Troublesome ads

    You are correct. I went to the page to sign on as a platnium supporter and it indicates this will be ad free and will happen soon.
  2. EdMurphy

    Indoor Russian Tortoise Enclosure

    The Russians really like to roam around and climb over things, think about it this way. an adult is going to be at least 6 inches so it's body alone is going to take up 1/4 of the width L, more if it gets larger than 6 inches. Thats really not leaving much room to move about and explore after...
  3. EdMurphy

    Troublesome ads

    Is the paying membership ad free yet?
  4. EdMurphy

    Indoor Russian Tortoise Enclosure

    Is it indoors full time or do you have an outdoor enclosure too? If this is it's main home then I would say yes go larger, always make them as large as you can. If this is only used for times it can't be outside then it would be ok.
  5. EdMurphy

    Troublesome ads

    Thanks, I sent an email also.
  6. EdMurphy

    Troublesome ads

    I assume the screen jumping around is by design since I have on more than one occasion clicked the ad rather than my intended target. On other sites that use this tactic I immediately close the page rarely to return. I really enjoy this site and hope this gets changed soon. When I use an ad...
  7. EdMurphy

    Feeding a Tunisian Tortoise

    I use store bought foods mustard greens, collard greens, radicchio, spring mix if it don't have a lot of spinich. I pick the weeds like dandelions and plantain in the summer and dehydrate them to use in the winter with the store bought greens. To help with the fiber I take timothy hay, grind it...
  8. EdMurphy

    Is this shedding??..

    Mine gets flakes like that, in the winter mostly when I have a hard time keeping the humidity up. How often do you soak her?
  9. EdMurphy

    Do your tortoises sleep buried

    My Russian is not a baby but always partially covers herself at night, even in her hide.
  10. EdMurphy

    New-ish Caretaker, Bath Schedule?

    Booya keeps a pretty regular schedule, if she vary's from it much I know she has a problem with something. I leave for work @ 6:45am and get home 6:00 pm. Booyah's lights are on a timer, come on at 7:00am and off at 8:45pm. I put food in her dish before I leave for work, when her lights come on...
  11. EdMurphy

    Do females bite eachother?

    That's a very good video, I think when most people read about "bullying" they think it is much more physical and don't realize how serious something this subtle is.
  12. EdMurphy

    growth rate

    OK so I've had Booyah for a little over one year now, When I bought her from the local pet store they told me she was about 6 years old so I figured she was about full size. I have no idea what a normal growth rate is but I thought it interesting how much she has grown and how fast she is...
  13. EdMurphy

    Refusing to show breeding facility?

    We have had a bad experience with people that came over claiming they wanted to buy rabbits. They where PETA and a problem with animals in cages and pens, tried to cause problems for us and harass us. Also there are concerns with what people are tracking into the farm, even the vets need to take...
  14. EdMurphy

    Is it a Red Ear Slider or Not ?

    Why remove it from the canal, Was it injured?
  15. EdMurphy

    Found, young sulcata in Boston!

    Thank You for putting in the effort to reunite them, thats awesome!
  16. EdMurphy

    Found a tortoise in my backyard!

    I found a beaver in my back yard last year, even without a head shot I'm sure it's not a beaver. A treasure indeed, Good luck
  17. EdMurphy

    Squeaking sounds

    More room on the outside than there there is on the inside, just the air pushing out when it quickly pulls into the shell.
  18. EdMurphy

    pictures of 4x8 + enclosures

    Please share some pictures of your indoor enclosures for smaller tortoises that are 4x8 or larger and a little about the location in the house and materials used or point me in the right direction to find them. I see a lot of enclosure ideas but not finding a lot that are 4x8 or larger that is...
  19. EdMurphy

    Taking my Egyptian tortoise to USA

    Here's a good place to start
  20. EdMurphy

    Question about Franklin's shell

    I live in Minnesota and my experience with keeping indoor humidity up is it's impossible in a open top enclosure in the winter months and nearly impossible in the summer months without bringing the entire house to that level, not practical or comfortable and you'll soon get tired of the dew on...