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    Ambient enclosure temp

    I need to know the best way to get a steady ambient temperature without being a closed chamber enclosure. I am looking to build an enclosure that is 6x3.5ft and I need to get a good ambient temperature in that in the best way. I will work on a close chamber, but right now I just need something...
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    Worried!!! (tortoise not eating much)

    I have a 4 year old sulcata tortoise. She is about 10-11 inches. I have noticed that she is no longer eating very well. See, this last summer she escaped out of my back yard. I didn't have her for three months. I finally found out my neighbor a few houses down had her. I got her back and she...
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    Lost tortoise

    On Friday i placed my 3yo sulcata tortoise out in my fenced back yard. The yard is not secured for her to remain outdoors 24/7 so we just have her out during the day for exercise, sun and grazing. We were outside for about 4 hours before we started to look for her to bring her back inside with...
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    Tortoise ate gum!!!

    I brought our Bertha outside to graze while I cleaned the house and before it stormed. I just came out to check on her and she had something on her face. I pulled it off and it was gum! What do I need to be concerned about or watch for?
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    Lawn pesticides

    Hello! It is getting warm out here I. Colorado and I would like to give my sulcata free range in the back yard during the day for grazing and exercise. I need to spray my grass down with a pesticide to keep the bugs from killing it. How long do I need to wait to allow her to eat it again? Or...
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    Sulcata sex

    I searched for this before starting this thread, so sorry if this is a duplicate. Can someone help me with sexing my sulcata. She is about three years old and I was told she was a female, but I want to be sure. Thanks
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    New tortoise home!!!

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    Tropical fixture light???

    I just went to the store and asked her for a larger light to use in the new enclosure that I am building and she gave me the fixture. I just got home and realized that this says that it is a "slimline tropical fixture" Tropical 25UVB T8 Fluorescent bulb.... this does not seem correct.. can...
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    Healthy or nutritious plant?

    I don't remember what this plant is called but I remember being told it is safe for tortoises. I am wonder if it is nutritious at all???
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    Feeding frequency??

    I just brought home my 2 year old sulcata. She will EAT all the time!!! I have these things that I am feeding her squash, mustard and collard greens, Zilla-fortified land and tortoise pellets and zoo-med-grassland tortoise pellets. I am not giving these all at once, but I have learned that she...
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    Hi. I am just signing up to stay on top of the best way to keep my little ones healthy! I have a 1.5 year old leopard an a 2 year old sulcata. Chuy (leopard) and Bertha (sulcata) (I know my leopard is oddly small, we are trying to figure that out now as to what is goin on)