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    Building a redfoot enclosure/live plant ideas

    I am currently in the process of upgrading my redfoots enclosure and, after much research, decided to go ahead and design/build it myself. I am hoping to make it into a vivarium but have seen many mixed reviews about which plants to use. So far I have purchased a tortoise seed mix to plant in...
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    When to upgrade redfoot enclosure??

    Hi everyone! I have an approximately 9 month old redfoot and am wanting to upgrade his enclosure. He's growing like a champ and his current enclosure is getting on the small side. I am planning on going ahead and building a tortoise table but want to make sure that the climate is good for his...
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    Taco got an enclosure reno

    I just finished renovating Taco's enclosure! I added a new hide (he outgrew his old one), new plants, and some more sphagnum moss. He seems to love it so far!
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    Upgrading Redfoot Enclosure

    Hey everyone! I have a beautiful ~7 month old redfoot that I purchased from Southern Reptiles last year. He's already more than doubled in size and quadrupled in weight since October. He will occasionally explore his enclosure, but I think he needs more plants/coverage to feel fully comfortable...
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    Shell rot?

    I was weighing my fairly new hatchling today and noticed weird "lines" on the bottom of his shell. He's acting totally normal and his shell is not soft anywhere. Is this the beginning of shell rot or something else?
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    Hello there!

    Meet my new RF hatchling, Taco! I've had him for exactly a week today and he seems to be adjusting well. He surprisingly loves his morning soaks and will stay in them forever, adores mango, and already comes to me and will eat out of my hand 😍 Thank you to @Southernreptiles for the beautiful baby!
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    Redfoot Hatchling Enclosure

    Hello all! I just received my RF hatchling in the mail yesterday, and wanted to share his enclosure setup. On the warmer side I have a UVB bulb (on a 12 hour timer) and a basking lamp. I am going to be switching out the basking lamp for a CHE today, as I've found the lamp dries out the tank...
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    Looking for RF hatchling

    Does anyone have redfoot hatchlings available? I have contacted several breeders already and haven't had much luck.
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    Redfoot hatchling tank setup

    Hi all! I am planning on purchasing a redfoot hatchling within the next few weeks and am in the process of setting up their enclosure. I've heard varying thoughts as far as what temperature to keep the tank at and want to make sure they have the best setup possible to thrive. My plan for right...
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    Where to buy a healthy Redfoot?

    Hi everyone! I am planning on purchasing a redfoot hatchling and am wondering what breeders you have experience with/would recommend.