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    "Is there something on my face?"

    You can probably pick out turnip and collard greens, along with some Timothy hay. Chopping the hay in the food chopper is a great way to make sure they eat plenty of hay and fiber in the winter months when they can't graze on fresh grass all day; he will eat some moistened hay most of the time...
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    Leo's Outdoor Pen (PICS)

    Here are some pics of Leo's outdoor enclosure. He seems to like it. I want to plant more delectable stuff in a little garden area next year, but it's kind of late in the year to do it now. He always goes in the house by about 6:30 or 7:00 in the evening once all the sun is down. I haven't...
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    When did your juvie start eating Grassland or Mazuri?

    Mine won't really touch either one, looks at it like "what the #&*% is this $#@^?" LOL and does a masterful job of eating around it and separating it when you mix it with greens. Mine is only few months old, just wondering how many of your young totoises will take it.