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    How do you keep greens fresh?

    I have recently ordered from and received an awesome array of greens. I only have one russian tortoise so its hard for me to go through a whole bag before its starts going bad. Is there a way I can keep the greens a little more fresh? Can I freeze half the bag? Thanks
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    question about reptile eats

    This may sound weird but I got a bag of liquid with my reptileeats order. What is it? Anyone know?
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    Couple Pics of Mook

    Here are a couple pics of my bday tort Mook. I got Mook after I adopted out my sulcata to Justanja. I immediately missed having a tortoise around even though I only had him for a month or so. I was told I would be able to get one from my boyfriend. I got into contact with Iluvmturts and she...
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    my cat

    Here are my pets, Titus Pullo my juvenile ball python (kinda old pics, he's a lot bigger now) and Skinny my runt cat. She is the coolest cat ever. And that cute kid in the pic is my son Luca. Thought it might be my turn to share!
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    Question about bed a beast

    I have been using bed a beast and sand mixture for my russian. Unfortunately when I made the mixture, I made way too much and have the rest in a bucket. It is getting a little dry and i was wondering if I could get it wet again so its a little damp? Is that possible or is it trash now?
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    Adoption of Red-footed Tortoise....

    I just saw an ad on Madison WI craigslist about someone looking for a home for their red-foot. I emailed him telling him about this forum. He emailed me back and said "no thanks". What is that about? Laziness? I was confused as to why someone wouldnt want to meet tortoise people...... Just...
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    Buying Supplies Online

    I dont want this thread to start out snappy but I was just shopping on because I had seen some really good reviews on this and other forums. My only problem is that I only ordered a 100 dandelion seeds and a 4oz bag of Hibiscus leaves. And the shipping was almost 10 bucks...
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    Saying goodbye to Spike...:(

    Today I am rehoming my sulcata. Although I only had him for a little over a month, I have become completely attached to him. Its a sad day for me guys, but I know I am doing the right thing for him. Im gonna be so bummed out all day at work today!
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    Greeks vs. Russians

    OK, Ive done all my research on greeks and russians. I am tossed up over which I would like to own. Im interested in personality now.....does anyone know which would have the "better" personality? Both of them seem like great torts but I know almost nothing about personality....little help...
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    soaking my sulcata???

    Ive tried to soak my sulcata a couple of times since I got him but he keeps pooping in the water. I changed the water twice this time and both times it was like he was pooping on purpose. Am I supposed to just let him soak or continually change the water? Any advice?
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    need to know.....

    What does everyone think of shipping live animals? I think it may be the only way I can get a tort......opinions??
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    Greek Spur Thigh Tortoise??

    Does anyone know anything about the greek spur thighs? Do they get as big as Africans? Any info would be great, I just saw a pic of them and they are adorable!!!:shy:
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    Trying to buy a Russian

    Does anyone know of any breeders in the Wisconsin area? I would love to purchase a baby Russian....
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    UVB lighting

    Does anyone know if verilix brand lights offer UVB. I looked at their website but it doesnt offer any great tips on that. I have the instant sun version and it does say that its used for reptiles but Im wondering if it gives off UVB? Anyone got any idea? Thanks