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  1. Quixx66

    Help Please:: Small Manufacturer of Hides Asked Me Sizes

    Hi All, I saw some custom and printed hides I liked on Etsy. They are custom 3-D printed colored, and one was covered in eco earth and moss, very naturalistic. Problem is the hides had small openings, too small for even my Western Hermann’s. The small manufacturer said he would be interested...
  2. Quixx66

    Matteo Going Nuts Over UV Lighting

    Hi All, Matteo is a Western Hermann’s tortoise. He’s in a Christmas tree bin. He was a few months old when I got him and he’s now a out 16 months old. As a hatchling, he seemed fine with the Arcadia light. He’d started to come out and wander areound his bin. A few months ago, he began spending...
  3. Quixx66

    Fruit Flies, Is No Substrate Okay?

    I’ve tried vinegar to get rid of the fruit flies in Matteo’s enclosure. Works in the kitchen but not very well in his enclosure. I got them down a bit then they rebounded. They seem to prefer the soil to the vinegar. I’ve ordered some insect-eating plants. In the meantime, could I just put...
  4. Quixx66

    Good Outdoor Elevateable Enclosure to Buy

    Hi all, Matteo is now a year old, and I’d like to keep him outside a couple hours a day. Does anyone have suggestions for an affordable outdoor enclosure? I need a box style that’s elevated off the ground. There of Fire ants and so on here. I need strong mesh to protect him from hawks and...
  5. Quixx66

    Long Weekend Away Re Hermann’s

    Hi, I thought someone might be home over the July 4th weekend. I’ll be gone Friday through Monday night. Will a small 1 year old Hermann’s be okay without a daily soaking What to do about food (Mazuri I always feed soaked) and drinking water? Thanks.
  6. Quixx66

    1yo Pyramiding?

    Hi All, Is Matteo pyramiding? He usually avoids the Arcadia light, except lately, so I sometimes turn it off. I pour water into his substrate. Does he need more calcium powder? He gets regular near daily soaks if about half an hour. Thanks.
  7. Quixx66

    I Think I Cooked Matteo

    He was fine yesterday. I slept most of today, and by the time I checked temps, it was 99F. I have a new CHE on the other side now too. He’s stiff, lethargic, his body squeaked. His skin looks lighter. He’s just lying there splayed but he’s keeping his head out of the water. I put him in a...
  8. Quixx66

    Calibrate CHE Thermostat? How to? New One?

    So I got this thermostat sling with my CHE. It’s many degrees off. According to my hygrometer, it got up to 129F when I thought so had it set at 95. And Matteo was lying right under it! I now have it set at 71, but the hygrometer and my hand says 89. It came with a 160wbulb but a friend...
  9. Quixx66

    How to Entice Tort to Eat Aloe or Cucumber?

    So constipation has gotten much worse. Has taken twice as long for 1/2 the poop. Progressively smaller and now today dry and hard. He refuses cucumber and aloe, even smeared with Mazuri. How fo I get him to eat these? His appetite is diminished now anyway. I have prune juice. Is that worth a...
  10. Quixx66

    Urgent: Matteo Looks Sick

    This morning Matteo’e eyes look sunken and skin around face looks moist and saggy. He’s been sleeping more lately, not eating as much, and not basking as much. He’s been choosing the cool side for sleep (unusual), and his poops are 1/2 as much and misshapen. I did see him eat a little coir...
  11. Quixx66

    Suspected Impaction

    Matteo is usually regular and never fails to poop within his 30-minute bath time. This changed a few days ago. Now it has taken about an hour, and they don’t come out like a big rounded log shape. If he poops at all, it’s pinched and irregularly shaped. He lost his appetite temporarily but he’s...
  12. Quixx66

    Pics of Decorated/Planted Christmas Tree Storage Bins Please - Trying to Revamp

    Hi All, Please post pics of your storage bin enclosures. I’m trying to revamp Matteo’s enclosure now that he’s big enough he’s not flipping over. I’ve added rocks, large water saucer, etc. it’s not attractive. I need help. Additional coir should be here soon to make the substrate deeper and a...
  13. Quixx66

    Constipation? What yo Do?

    I think my Western Hermann’s is constipated. Yesterday, Matteo didn’t poop in his 30-minute bath at all. Today, I extended it to 40 minutes before he began to poop, and it’s broken and not as large as usual. I did skip a bath several days ago. Would this be an issue? He’s about 62g now and 8...
  14. Quixx66

    Matteo is Off the Growth Charts. Help with Diet?

    Hi y’all, I’ve been thinking that Matteo is growing faster than I expected but I’m a newb so I wasn’t sure. I took someone’s advice to check Hermann’s growth charts. To my surprise, Matteo is the size of a five year old! He’s 62g not the 24 tops recomAnd he’s supposed to be one of the very...
  15. Quixx66

    Hermann’s Breathing too Fast?

    Hi, I accidentally soaked Mateo’s coir. Is he breathing too fast? I want to make sure he doesn’t get a respiratory infection. He’s hanging out on the slate more. PS - can’t figure out how to post a video. Thanks.
  16. Quixx66

    Coir Sopping Wet. Bad for Tortoise?

    Hi, I just switched substrates from Reptisoil and chunky coir to fine Eco Earth coir. I wet it down but I think it might be too wet. It’s not dying out fast, and I think Mateo is unhappy. He’s clawing to get out the bin. I do have a spare bag of Reptisoil but no extra coir to soak up the...
  17. Quixx66

    Opinions on My Hermann’s Boy’s New Setup

    Hi All, Mateo is now 8 months old. I got him a new much larger water dish and a much, much larger humid hide, I thought it was time to give him the rocks that I’d bought for him even before he was even conceived now that he’s bigger and no longer routinely flips over. I switched the...
  18. Quixx66

    Quitting Daily Soaks?

    H y’all, My Hermann’s is 7 months old now. Do I still have to give him daily soaks? What if I miss a day here or there? Thanks.
  19. Quixx66

    Got too Hot? What to Do? Will he Die?

    For the first time, yesterday, my basking temp shot up to 103F in about 20 minutes after I turned on the lamp. I found Matteo, my 7-month old Hermann’s with his butt in the air, but he didn’t move off the slate. I sprayed him with misting water to cool him off. For some reason he rarely goes to...
  20. Quixx66

    Seed Mixes Possible to Freeze?

    I just bought some seed mix, from two places actually. One is 6oz from a respected supplier, the other 1/4oz from Etsy, and might be reputable. The first is way too much. Can the seeds be frozen in an average freezer for years if need be? Or should I just keep the unknown 1/4oz and cancel the...