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  1. BeckyLg

    White lines in between shell?

    Hey guys! Sorry to be posting something that has been posted a few times before, but I thought I'd rather be safe than sorry. I've seen similar posts to what I'm saying here but wanted to show pictures of my tortoises and make sure they're okay rather than guessing by what people have replied...
  2. BeckyLg

    Komodo pellets?

    Hi, I've got two baby cherry head tortoises about four months old (see more about them in my introduction thread). They eat all kinds of things - things I've tried with them and they've eaten include: broccoli leaves, cabbage, different types of lettuce, tomatoes but not very much, bananas...
  3. BeckyLg

    Yeezy and Jaffa Cake the Cherry Heads

    Hello all! My name's Becky and I am mother to two baby cherry head tortoises, Yeezy and Jaffa Cake. Me and my boyfriend, Ronan, got them in June, and we think they were hatched in May. The woman we bought them off was very interested in tortoises, she had many of her own and had been breeding...