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    Poorly boy

    I feel like I’m going around in circles with Philip, and not getting anywhere with his health....... people tell me they take a long time to pick up, so I may be being impatient. So we have had Philip since June, he has never Wright bared in his bag legs so swims/drags along. He was a rescue...
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    What type of weed is this?

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    Good news to share

    So, after a shocking start and some very worrying blood test results, we have had the results of Philips follow up blood tests. ‘Much improved’! No need to go back to the vets until we consider hibernation.... although this may not be an option for him. Still zero weight bearing on his back...
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    Substrate for a newbie!

    Hi, Philip is starting to look better, or at least he is showing more personality ! I’ve been reading about the right substrate for a Greek, but we have a different set up . Originally I bought a sand mix from the reptile centre... as recommended, but my instinct was not good for this. I...
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    What plant is this?

    Are these ok for Greeks ?
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    Care sheet

    Am I being silly ? I keep seeing posts about care sheets ..... where do I find them? Looking for a Greek care sheet Ta
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    I’m seriously considering making a wheelchair for Philip as his back legs drag. Vet says they will never weight bare. I’ve see. Lots of videos of Lego wheelchairs and that’s exactly what hewn needs..... but..... What do they use to stick them on with??
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    re-hydration injections ?

    Hi, I'm taking our new tortoise Philip to the vets tomorrow to be shown how to inject him. Does anyone have any experience of doing this ? is it easy enough, have you had any success in re-hydrating your tortoise this way ? Thanks Philips Mum Mary
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    Poorly Boy - do they get better easily ?

    Hi, I haven't posted before ,but I've been reading up for a few weeks now. I took on a rescue tortoise about 3 weeks ago now, and was assured he was in tip top condition. Philip is a Greek Spur thighed tortoise - about 20 yers old apparently. to start with he didnt move, and we assumed he...