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  1. EdMurphy

    growth rate

    OK so I've had Booyah for a little over one year now, When I bought her from the local pet store they told me she was about 6 years old so I figured she was about full size. I have no idea what a normal growth rate is but I thought it interesting how much she has grown and how fast she is...
  2. EdMurphy

    pictures of 4x8 + enclosures

    Please share some pictures of your indoor enclosures for smaller tortoises that are 4x8 or larger and a little about the location in the house and materials used or point me in the right direction to find them. I see a lot of enclosure ideas but not finding a lot that are 4x8 or larger that is...
  3. EdMurphy

    Missing through the winter, Found EAGAN, Minn. - If only turtles could talk. A Russian tortoise is back home (we think) with her owner after a mysterious six-month disappearance. It's a saga that came to the public...
  4. EdMurphy


    This is Boo, she's just waking up from a nap to find a camera in her face.
  5. EdMurphy

    Tortoise taken from zoo Someone took a tortoise from a Texas zoo. Amazing what kind of people are out there.
  6. EdMurphy

    Minnesota owners

    Anyone in the Twin Cities / Western Wi area?
  7. EdMurphy

    Greetings from Central Minnesota

    Hello, This is Lucy, we just came across this site and wanted to say Hi. I hope the pictures come through. Picked her up at a local pet store a few weeks ago. The pictures are taken in the temporary tub she was in till her indoor enclosure was finished. I read that torts don't see red but I...