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    I had no idea!
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    How do you keep greens fresh?

    Thanks everyone, great ideas. I think I will try them all! :)
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    How do you keep greens fresh?

    I have recently ordered from and received an awesome array of greens. I only have one russian tortoise so its hard for me to go through a whole bag before its starts going bad. Is there a way I can keep the greens a little more fresh? Can I freeze half the bag? Thanks
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    Tortoise toenails

    That is an awesome, its nocer than my apartment! LOL. Good luck
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    BIG problems....someone please help!

    I just read a couple of forum threads from and saw that there were quite a few threads on the subject. Mostly, if all conditions are right for growth, there shouldnt be much concern. Some people said that their sulcata grew upwards of 5 inches in a year while other people said that...
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    my cat

    Well, he especially loves the cat because she is easy to access, but he loves petting the snake and the tortoise when we have them out. Since we have had pets his whole life (all 4 years...LOL) he is very good around them, but you are right about the cat, sometimes he likes to chase her and...
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    question about reptile eats

    ohhhhh duh. of course. maybe someone should delete this thread. must have had a little blonde moment...thanks
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    question about reptile eats

    This may sound weird but I got a bag of liquid with my reptileeats order. What is it? Anyone know?
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    I just placed an order with you guys not 5 minutes ago. Looking forward to getting my order. Great easy to use website too!
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    so how much do you really feed...

    I heard some great advice on this. I read once that you should feed them as much as they can eat in 20 minutes or a half hour. I noticed my tort usually just chows for several minutes and then is done. I do tend to spoil though and leave some in there for a while just in case hes hungry but he...
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    taking your tortoise to the park

    I bring my tortoise to the park all the time. This past weekend we brought Mook, he loved it and got tons of exercise. I did keep him far away from the actual playground and in the open field where I could see everyone approaching and see where he was running off to.
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    Elessar Videos

    So cute! I love that first vid!
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    Couple Pics of Mook

    Thanks. he really has grown on me. He knows me pretty well and lets me pick him up and scratch his head. He seems to like it very much. He is so fun
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    Couple Pics of Mook

    Here are a couple pics of my bday tort Mook. I got Mook after I adopted out my sulcata to Justanja. I immediately missed having a tortoise around even though I only had him for a month or so. I was told I would be able to get one from my boyfriend. I got into contact with Iluvmturts and she...
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    my cat

    Here are my pets, Titus Pullo my juvenile ball python (kinda old pics, he's a lot bigger now) and Skinny my runt cat. She is the coolest cat ever. And that cute kid in the pic is my son Luca. Thought it might be my turn to share!
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    Question about bed a beast

    they are not covered, just sitting in the bucket
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    Greetings & Turtle PIC For You!

    Love the spiny turtle....very cool
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    Question about bed a beast

    Thanks. I was just worried about molding or something....
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    baseball fans...who are you rooting for

    OMG! Im surrounded by Angels fans!! Im originally from Boston, so of course I am a huge Red Sox fan!! GO SOX!! No offense guys, I still love ya!
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    Question about bed a beast

    I have been using bed a beast and sand mixture for my russian. Unfortunately when I made the mixture, I made way too much and have the rest in a bucket. It is getting a little dry and i was wondering if I could get it wet again so its a little damp? Is that possible or is it trash now?