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  1. Toddrickfl1

    Stolen Box Turtles in GA

    People suck sometimes.....
  2. Toddrickfl1

    Lost his way

    Found this little guy in the parking lot at my job. Brought him down the street back to the woods and released him. He really didn't seem too appreciative, instead of thanking me he peed on me 😂
  3. Toddrickfl1

    4x8 Enclosure build

    Built a 4x8 table for for one of my Redfoots today. The Night Box is heated to 84F and the basking spot is about 93F. I know Redfoots don't necessarily need a basking spot but I like to provide one. The Strip light is a 6500k LED. The substrate is Cypress mulch and I lined the wood with a Tarp...
  4. Toddrickfl1

    Shell-less incubation.

    Thought this was super cool
  5. Toddrickfl1

    Before Mazuri

    There was hibiscus, the original "Tortoise Crack"
  6. Toddrickfl1

    Illness in outdoor vs indoor Torts.

    I recently moved my tortoise outside full time and I got to thinking, are outdoor Torts more prone to illness than indoor Torts, Being that they're outside and exposed to the elements vs indoors in a controlled environment?
  7. Toddrickfl1

    Torts seem to be flocking to me.

    I'm at work but I just got a call from my grandmother who lives with me and she found this on my back patio! More pictures to come when I get home lol.
  8. Toddrickfl1

    Growing greens in Cinder Blocks.

    I planted some greens inside Cinder blocks this weekend. Not sure if it'll work or not. Anybody else ever try this? And did it work? So far I've planted red lettuce, kale, romaine, and arugula.
  9. Toddrickfl1

    Not laying eggs.

    If my turtle is 100% gravid and has been displaying nesting behavior for almost 2 weeks but for some reason won't lay her eggs, at what point should I intervene and take her to a Vet?
  10. Toddrickfl1

    Any fellow DogeCoiners here?

    Just wondering if any of my fellow Tortoise enthusiast are also holding Dogecoin and currently riding this 🚀. If you are, CONGRATULATIONS!
  11. Toddrickfl1

    Redfoots and Urates?

    Just wondering if anybody knows why Redfoots don't produce Urates? Or do they? I've never seen any Urates produced from my Redfoots and I've been wondering why that is?
  12. Toddrickfl1

    Tortoise back scratches!

    Oldie but Goodie, Tortoise back scratches. Would love to see some other tort videos here. Share your tortoise Shenanigan vids!
  13. Toddrickfl1

    Underwater Live Camera.

    Deerfield beach Pier in south Florida has an underwater live camera that's really cool. I often pop it up on my TV and watch it. It's like having an aquarium in your living room! From time to time you see something really cool like a big barracuda, shark, Manta ray, turtle, etc. A couple days...
  14. Toddrickfl1

    Happy birthday!

    Large Marge is 2 years old today. Weighing in at about 2lbs now. When she first hatchedToday, 2 years old!
  15. Toddrickfl1

    What a jerk!

    So I try to be nice and treat my Tortoise Murphy to a nice delicious Earthworm and what do I get? Rammed, I get rammed! Ungrateful punk!
  16. Toddrickfl1

    My Tortoise has a death wish. I don't know what to do.

    My juvenile Redfoot seems to have a death wish lately. She keeps flipping herself upside down and she doesn't seem to be able to right herself. She's never done this before but over the past 3 weeks I've found her upside down multiple times. She's been in the same indoor and outdoor enclosure...
  17. Toddrickfl1

    Portrait of my Tortoise by @Kameya

    After seeing the really nice drawings in their thread I recently reached out to @kameya to see if he would do a drawing of my tortoise Murphy. He immediately responded so we could go over the details and...
  18. Toddrickfl1

    Atlanta area Russians need home

    Figured I'd post these in case anyone in the Atlanta area can help these torts out.
  19. Toddrickfl1

    To UVB or not to UVB that is the question (Redfoots)

    Disclaimer: I posted this in the Redfoot section so people don't get confused. This thread ONLY pertains to REDFOOTS. Do Redfoots need UVB? Or do they get all they need from their diet. I've heard people say both. I've been told that no UVB will produce a disfigured tort with MBD. Then I've...