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  1. graciemay98

    Pickles Adventures

    Just posting some cute photos for anyone to enjoy!
  2. graciemay98

    Sulcata Eyes Bulged

    My baby is 2.5 years old, and I’m just wondering if his eyes look odd to any of you? His eyeballs seem bulged out and looking in opposite directions all the time. At least compared to photos of other sulcatas i see lol.
  3. graciemay98

    Heat Emitter Gas Smell?!?

    Hi, I use a double dome unit with 2 zoo med heat emitters in it. i have used this set up for years, and replace the heat emitters when burnt out or stop producing heat. the last 2 weeks, the unit is letting off a horrible toxic gasoline/burnt smell! it’s strong and filled my entire house with...
  4. graciemay98

    Sulcata Urination Q’s

    Hello! First off, my question is: how is the normal urine supposed to look like? I thought liquid urine was healthy, but i have also read that “toothpaste” like consistently is healthy? I’m confused. Anyways, my 2 year old sulcata seems to be pushing out clear liquid very often all of the...
  5. graciemay98

    Normal Under-shell?

    I was just wondering if the dark chipped spots / various little squiggles / and various colors (yellow-ish and pink-ish) are normal looking for a 2 year old sulcata tortoise. Thank you!
  6. graciemay98

    Outdoor Suggestions !

    I’m gathering all the supplies I need to set up my sulcatas first outdoor area. (I already have the insulated enclosure with thermometer). 1) camera system? i would like some type of live camera feed so i can watch him on my phone while i’m not home. 2) heating? for overall warmth inside of...
  7. graciemay98

    Water Dish Questions...

    Hi, I was wondering once sulcatas are over a year or 2 old, do they still need an everyday water dish in their enclosure with them at all times if they get baths/soaked on a daily basis?? If so— what are my options for a water dish that is large enough for my sulcata, but not too large that it...
  8. graciemay98

    sick sulcata ? not sure

    Hello, my less than 2 year old sulcata has never had any problems and still visually looks fine. but i noticed lately i can hear him breath (sounds like water stuck in his nose sound) like a whistling. and today, i noticed he hasn’t moved an inch since opening his eyes and waking up. (he usually...
  9. graciemay98

    Fun in the Sun with Pickles

    Just some photos for fun! Enjoy some wholesome Tort content
  10. graciemay98

    Flakey shell ?? (photos)

    Hello, my baby Sulcata is just about a year and a half old. All is going perfect with him, his health and his growth. (shell photo attached, along with a cute photo of my baby, Pickle.) Just curious about the bottom of his shell. Is it suppose to look this way while they are growing? He seems...
  11. graciemay98

    From the front... and the back!

    my baby Pickle enjoying some yummy dinner the other day. just thought i would share :)
  12. graciemay98

    do tortoises get aggressive ?

    hi i was just wondering if tortoises tend to get a little aggressive or nervous with less handling over time? (similar to how snakes behave). i have a young sulcata, i have no issues but was just curious! :)
  13. graciemay98

    Low cost lighting units/bulbs? Suggestions?

    I’m in the market for the long tube lighting for UV purposes in my baby Sulcata enclosure. Every tube lighting setup i see in pet stores is $50-$60 for just the unit alone- without the $40 light bulb... Any lower cost ones out there or tips/tricks?
  14. graciemay98

    Stressed baby sully? please help

    Hello, long story short i just moved my little guy from his first home (large plastic tote-lived in since october 2018) into his new second home (pictured below-lived in for 3 days now). Ever since he has been in his new enclosure, he doesn’t move, doesn’t respond much to touch or food anymore...
  15. graciemay98

    Baby Sully stressed?

    My very young sulcata almost constantly scrapes and runs into the sides of his enclosure (large plastic tote). The enclosure has always been see through, but just in the past month he has started spending all his time ramming into the corner/wall in the same spots all day... to the point where...
  16. graciemay98

    Staining from bedding? (how to remove??)

    It seems my little Sulcata mans shell/skin/scales are being stained from laying around in the moist repti-bark bedding! I have always lightly scrubbed him with a soft bristle toothbrush but now that doesn’t get it off at all really. (his color was always the lighter tan color- the stains are the...
  17. graciemay98

    Peeling face/neck skin?

    My baby sully has been mine for about 3 months, and just in the past few weeks his face and neck skin have been cracking and peeling off gradually and the skin underneath seems healthy. Is this normal? (the dark skin is his original skin and the lighter patches are where he's missing skin)
  18. graciemay98

    Illegal to buy under 4 inches?

    Hello, this is random but i thought the law was that the buying and selling of tortoises under 4 inches was illegal? I just realized this yesterday after having my baby sully for a month now... and he's teeny.. definitely smaller than 4 inches, and we definitely bought him from a pet store...
  19. graciemay98

    Can't get humidity

    Hello, i'm struggling to get any type if humidity in my baby sulcatas habitat. It was an open enclosure so we put a lid on it with a hole for the hanging lamps for humidity. We have live moss pads to hold humidity. We use repti-bark wood chips. We mist the entire habitat multiple times a day...
  20. graciemay98

    UVB rays and shower curtains??

    I was wondering if UVB rays from a bulb will go through a clear shower curtain lid and into the habitat normally? (we wanted to use a shower curtain for a top window in our lid and for better humidity)