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  1. Bambam1989

    Found a cute baby Turtle!

    While my daughter was outside playing, she found this little guy. He is actually the second of this kind one we have found but this one was covered in little mites! I immediately rinsed as many off as I could. I think it may be a type of mud turtle but would love to have some confirmation.
  2. Bambam1989

    Happy 1st Birthday Clunker!

    Well today is the day that we celebrate Clunker's "birthday". About this time last year Clunker was in the process of hatching. I'm so grateful that he was properly started by @Tom Thanks again Tom! Clunker was weighed and measured this morning. Weight- 1069 grams Length- 7 inches Then he got...
  3. Bambam1989

    Plant ID- yep found something new.

    This has volunteered up in my vegetable garden. I am hoping someone can help identify it because if it's no good I'm going to rip it out.
  4. Bambam1989

    Opinions on Gelatin Article

    I'm not sure if this would be more suitable for the diet thread but it's a debatable topic. Many of us members have been considering using gelatin with the food for our torts. I read in an older post where @wellington was going to use it to create a "homemade repashy" but don't know how that...
  5. Bambam1989

    Tortoise Cookies (winter prep/treats)

    Many of us tort keepers have already started preparing for winter feeding. I have begun making something that I call "Tortoise Cookies" and thought I would share what they are and how I make them. The concept was to create a flavor combination that would be very appetizing for my tort while...
  6. Bambam1989

    ID Again

    I'm assuming that this is something that was intentionally planted by a previous property owner. The flowers have four petals, this was the only one that was starting to open. They don't seem to get more than 8 inches tall and don't run.
  7. Bambam1989


    I was wondering if any tort keepers feed Gaillardia plants to their tort? I bought some seeds a while back after seeing that they were safe in moderation on the Tortoise Table. But when I went to double check to see if oxalates or anything else was mentioned, the website no longer has it listed...
  8. Bambam1989

    Movie Quote Game!

    I'm bored soooo... You try to guess what movie the quote is from. First person to get it right gets to post their own quote and so on. Please, no quotes from movies still in theaters. Hints are optional. Here we go. Hint: it's an old Western. Quote: Big party! Where da whiskey!?
  9. Bambam1989

    And another ID request

    Plants are popping up left and right here. I manage to positively ID most but... This plant seems to radiate out from a single base (sort of like chickweed does)
  10. Bambam1989

    Another plant ID request

    This plant was growing in my flowerbeds when we got the property so I know it is a perennial. The plant grows to be about 1- 1.5 ft tall with the flower stalks closer to 2ft. Flowers are small, you can see the first buds starting to develop. If we can't ID I'll repost when the flowers open.
  11. Bambam1989

    Where have the Erosa gone?

    I have been reading alot about kinixys Erosa lately especially some of the older posts here on the forum. There hasn't been much discussion about them in a while though. Some of the posts were from members attempting to successfully hatch eggs. But I never read about anyone being successful...
  12. Bambam1989

    Plant ID plz

    Found this under a clump of alyssum. Any ideas?
  13. Bambam1989

    Fan inside Closed Chamber?

    I have been planning/designing a new closed chamber enclosure. I believe I've got everything planned out except I'm trying to decide if it would be beneficial to place a small fan inside to move air. This will be a 4'x8' enclosure with a partial 2nd story. Will putting a fan inside help...
  14. Bambam1989

    Leopard Gecko Ages?

    I have a leopard gecko that is 13 years old. I was curious to see if anyone else has any "senior" leopards and at what age. Or perhaps a past gecko lived to be an impressive age? I've heard that they can live to be 20…
  15. Bambam1989

    Some Desert Tortoise HUH!

    We have all heard the outdated and inaccurate information out there for Sulcatas. They don't need water, it comes from their food! Don't soak them, it will rot their shells! Humidity and moisture will cause respritory problems! And that is only a few things that I've heard. Why do I bring this...
  16. Bambam1989

    Weed ID !

    Found this little weed in one of my raised beds. The leaves feel kind of rubbery like a succulent.
  17. Bambam1989

    New Growth Demonstration

    Here is an example of new growth. My tortoise is Sulcata and the new growth comes in very dark, almost black. Other types of tortoises such as Russians usually have very pale growth lines. This is my tortoise shortly after I got him. You can Just see the new lines forming between the scutes...
  18. Bambam1989

    ID of a fuzzy Weed

    Found a interesting plant yesterday. Thought it was a wild foxglove at first but upon closer inspection I can guarantee that it is NOT a foxglove. Super fuzzy and velvety. Here is a dried leaf, front and back. Appreciate any help IDing and whether or not is good to feed.
  19. Bambam1989

    To moss, or not to moss

    This is about live moss. This subject was brought up in a different thread and I thought I could get more people involved in the discussion if I started it in a new thread. I thought it would be a good idea to place mats of live moss that I had harvested from my own yard into my young sulcatas...
  20. Bambam1989

    Plant ID needed

    This showed up in my yard. I have not seen anything else like it on my property and almost overlooked it. I'm leaning towards some kind of filaree...