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    Eulogy Editing Needed

    Today Forum, I share with you the draft of a eulogy I've written for my husband, who passed away this past Wednesday. Its a draft, and it has errors, but I thought it'd only be fair to give an explanation of my absence these last few days. If there's anything grammatically incorrect, or...
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    odd ball discussion from the new "what do you look like" thread

    Is the top of your ear pierced? Thats amazing! I love it!
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    Any nerdfighters on TFO? :) Nerdfighters DO NOT fight nerds, they fight FOR nerds, and are often nerds themselves. They are fans of John Green and Hank Green (aka the vlogbrothers on YouTube) and are made of awesome, instead of bones. You guys may be familiar with John Green, and his many YA...
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    BFF Confirmation.

    Hello forum! It seems your fellow tortoise forumer, @tortoisetime565, is under the impression that you all need to be informed that we are in fact BFF's. Have a lovely weekend everyone. :)
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    De-Pooping Tank

    Not the most glamorous job, but someone's gotta do it! It has come to my attention that my wonderful boyfriend has been going out and attempting to scoop Tank's mess before Tanky walks away. This scares the poor tort, causing him to drop down onto his business... making it stick to his tummy...
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    Just kiddin'! ;) I wanted to do a month- after follow up for my Tank update thread ( ) but I haven't been keeping up with pictures. Plus the insane SoCal weather has been nuts! 108 one day and 68 the next. Tanky has...
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    Melon Gum Shouldn't Exist

    So today I was given a stick of melon gum. No specified type of melon, just melon. I opened it, excpecting a pink piece of too-sweet-and-sticky watermelon sugar. I was QUITE intrigued to find a GREEN, tart gum. How unusual, I thought. Then for the rest of the night I was thinking, "Why does...
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    Ring Around the... Sulcata?

    Upon further inspection, it has become apparent that one of the clutch-mate sulcatas has very cool color rings. Only this one has been really getting big, this is the ""male"". He's already 7 months old, and at a mere 3.75". His ""sister"" is only around 3.45". However, they have both been...
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    "Your Tank Needs a Wash"

    Wise words of the day, from the wisest 5 year old I know. This morning, I witnessed Tank trying very hard to scoop almost-dry mud onto his back. So, being the wonderful :rolleyes: person I am, I grabbed my hat and went to work. I dug him a bigger, better, deeper mud wallow. Then I helped...
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    Tank Update (4/24)

    I thought I'd give everyone a little update on Tank. So, recently, Tank has learned that he can move (and mate with) my rocks. He's also learned to walk OVER the bushes, rather than around them. His appetite is growing, and I suspect he's gaining weight. He eats Mazuri twice a week, 2 1/2...
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    How does a Pancake Pyramid?

    Hi all. Today I was having a conversation with a friend, and we came to the question of how pancakes pyramid. Being that they're so flat, I assume they'd pyramid "flatter", or show little bumpy-ness. His idea was that they don't pyramid, but show poor husbandry in other ways more prominently...
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    There's a Dinosaur On My Lawn!

    A Tank-o-saurus Rex to be exact! While he waits for my organic grass to sprout, I have been offering more cactus and leafy green (minus Romaine, except for his weekly Mazuri tacos). I have been hand feeding him as often as I can, in hopes of gaining his trust more and more. Today I went...
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    "My poop is walking away!!"

    Today Shellvester met Tank. I took tons of pictures, even though Tank was being anti- social. "Oops. I forgot to scoop that poo- Waaaaiiiiit! That's not poop! Its Shellvester!" :D Tiffany
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    Ants Under Poop?

    Hi all. Currently, I am not home, but have been relayed the message that there are quite a few ants hiding under Tank's poop by the time its scooped. I asked for pictures, but when you request pictures via the internet from an 80 year old man, its rare you actually get pictures. I'll be home...
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    Bonding With Tank.

    Its a short clip, but this was the first time I could pet his head! :D
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    Monterey Bay Aquarium Pictures

    Today I embarked on a trip to the aquarium! I hope you enjoy these pictures. Some sardines.. A Puffin that wanted to say hello Various jellyfish. A ton of fish. A huge school. "So which ones the teacher?!" I've always had a thing for octopi. This sucker (hahahaha- get...
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    From the Depths of My Mind.

    For the next 5 days I will be in Monterey Bay, California. I live in Los Angeles, so to drive to the coastal location, its a good 5 1/2 hour stretch. This thread is th random clouds of thought that drift by my mind. :D So far, we've driven about an hour and 45 minutes. We stopped in...
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    AMBER ALERT (Long Beach, CA) National Center for Missing & Exploited Children Nicholas Johnston (12 years-old) Last seen Mar 6, 2014 in Long Beach, CA : 1998 Saturn, Tan, 4 door California license plate #4AUU679 An AMBER Alert has...
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    In- Ground Soaking Dish?

    Hi TFO. Today I'm trying to figure out how to get something in the ground so Tank can self soak. Lately, a friend and I have been lifting him into a deep bucket with 5" of warm water. The trouble is, as he gets more comfortable with us, he becomes more resistant to be lifted. He's not all that...
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    Tiff and Tank's Mazuri Patty Recipe

    I have made it my mission to get Tank (a very big sulcata) to eat Mazuri. For the last few months he's been eating nothing but lettuce, apples, and other grocery store greens. I'd like to get him on a hay- based diet, so he's not eating 3 heads of romaine lettuce daily. (You think I'm...