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  1. Kim&Tim

    Why is Mazuri so popular, I don't get it.

    Why is mazuri so popular? Tbh, I don't get it. The way to read an ingredients list is, the ingredient mentioned first, is what the product contains most of. Then the seccond etc etc. I have a horse and horses and herbivore tortoises are very similar when it comes to feeding. You see the same...
  2. Kim&Tim

    Turtle soup anyone?

    Sleepy Tim waking up and soaking No, I don't use this pan for cooking folks, only for soaking, don't worry😅 (His shell already looked like this, he's a rescue, grew up in horrible conditions for 4 years)
  3. Kim&Tim

    My indoor enclosure

    This is my indoor enclosure, it's 2,6 x 6,7 ft. Timmie also has an outdoor enclosure of 6x6 ft. He likes to climb and the majority of the perimeter is free, so he can either climb or take the easy route. He always sleeps in the cave. All the plants have been alive since January, so I guess...
  4. Kim&Tim


    My name is Kimberley and my five year old Horsfield is Tim, Timmie aka little hooligan. I have Timmie since January and he's a rescue. He's had a bad life, he was bred in the Netherlands in 2015 where I'm from and sold to people who kept him in horrible conditions. He lived in 12 inch by 12 inch...