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  1. AquaIce

    growth rings?

    I have a 10 week old RF and he eats great and enclosure is finally getting much better humidity and we let him stay hidden as much as he wants as to not stress him out, he usually only comes out when he knows I have dropped dinner off lol but anyway I was wondering when should I see growth rings...
  2. AquaIce


    I should have never looked on here :mad: Keeping a whole clutch of baby Sulcatas in a tank with only newspaper and then claim that only experienced people who know how to take care of them need inquire? With pictures of them feeding and just huddling in corners on news paper? Ugh..... I know, I...
  3. AquaIce


    Are there any store bought or wild mushrooms my RF can not have? I do not eat them (yuck) so I don't know much about them. Everything just says mushroom and with here being so many different kinds I don't want to get any that might not be good for Tuck. Thanks :)
  4. AquaIce

    taracotta (sp) bowls

    Where is everyone getting theirs? I have looked and looked and cant find them any where the flower pots are everywhere but not the saucers :( Please help me find them lol
  5. AquaIce


    Should I be concerned that Tuck likes his Mazuri now more then he does his greens? He will chow the mazuri and just nibble his greens now :( and i mix it softened but still in pellet form
  6. AquaIce

    What’s this?

    Ok so I didn’t notice these last week and there are some on the other side as well just can’t really see them in this pic so I attached another but it’s not the best either. The shell isn’t soft in the spots and there not on the outside I am talking about the red circles. It’s almost...
  7. AquaIce

    Baby red foot diet

    OK so any experts on here have some advise? I have seen so many different diets for red foot what to fee and what to not. I need protein ideas and what do you feed besides eggs he isn't a fan of them as well as fruits and veggies. I have been going spring mix and fruits once a week but the lists...
  8. AquaIce

    So flusterated about to just give up :(

    ok so I getting flusterated :( so I covered the whole top of the tank in foil. Well I know it’s keeping the heat in because it got up to 102 degrease in the middle of the tank. Way to hot! I hate to see how hot it was in the hot spot. That was with the heat source and the 100w bulb which I know...
  9. AquaIce

    Moss and update

    ok so I finally got some moss to help with the humidity issues i was having. I have a baby red foot. So should I put the moss all over the the substrate which is coco fiber or do I just put it in the hide and around the water source? Also when it dries the humidity obviously drops so how often...
  10. AquaIce


    I just gout our little guy (profile picture) from a expo and I was wondering how to tell how old he might be? Also is it easier to sex them when there bigger I have and idea but not 100% I guess I could post a picture later when I get home.
  11. AquaIce


    Ok so, my little guy eats very well. I have only seen him pee once (he was eating and he was in his dish and I seen him pee) but I have not seen any poop? we have only had him for 4 days. Is this normal? There was poop in the container we brought him home in. He is a little red foot he is my...
  12. AquaIce


    Do red foots or any other tort for that matter actually bond to there families?
  13. AquaIce

    Substrate question

    Ok so, I am new to all of this and have only had rabbits, sugar gliders and tarantulas as exotics so bare with me. We have a baby redfoot. I got Zoo Med Eco Earth Loose Coconut Fiber Substrate for my baby read foot (that's what we use for our tarantulas) and he likes it more then the bark chips...
  14. AquaIce

    Hey Hey From Indiana Redfoot

    I just wanted to drop a quick hello. We just got our first redfoot baby and he is the best little thing ever. He is eating great and doing well but I am struggling with few issues but I want to do some looking around here before I drop a thread just yet. I tend to get annoying with questions...