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  1. Wasa77

    Egyptian Tortoise - Cloacal Prolapse?

    hi PA2019, sorry for the late reply. He Just turned 11 months on April 21st and weighs 84g. Let me know if there’s anything else you’d like to know
  2. Wasa77

    Egyptian Tortoise - Cloacal Prolapse?

    I was bathing my 11 mo old Egyptian tortoise and noticed his penis was out like this. It seems very red and possibly irritated? He is able to retract it back into the cloaca still. Please give any advice
  3. Wasa77

    Irritated bowels?

    Yes, sorry for my poor choice of wording. It was his daily soak, and today his penis was not poking out. It was the first time I had seen him expose his penis, so I was concerned if it looked normal. Thank you for the follow up.
  4. Wasa77

    Irritated bowels?

    No it’s not always out. I was bathing him and when I lifted him and checked his underside he started poking it in and out. I was under the impression that it was his penis tip. I am more concerned about the color of the anus being kind of pinkish. And wondering if it might be irritated? In the...
  5. Wasa77

    Irritated bowels?

    Hey all, Is my Egyptian flashing me? And is it normal for the anus to be that pink? Poop has been solid and urates have passed cleanly, as far as I can tell. Almost 10 months old, I bathe him 3 times a week. I can provide any other info that might be important.
  6. Wasa77

    Weird that I don’t “interact” with my Tortoise?

    Outside of daily soaks and giving her access to food and sunlight, I hardly interact with my tortoise. I don’t see her as a toy, so I don’t want to hold her (etc) for my own entertainment. I just find joy in knowing I’m doing my best to provide a healthy environment for her to thrive in. I know...
  7. Wasa77


    Hi! I believe I was using the zoomed 10.0 UVB T5. Since I’m in California I decided to get the tortoise natural sunlight on a daily basis instead. I think the height of the fixture was too low and I saw she wasn’t too active under the heat/light. Still new at this, she’s my first Tortoise.
  8. Wasa77


    I know Egyptian Tortoises are a little harder come by, but I wish there were more posts about these guys! I removed the UV fixture from her enclosure about a month ago and i noticed she started being a lot more active, as well as sleeping outside of her shell. I think the UV I had may have been...
  9. Wasa77

    Natural sunlight or UVB fixture?

    Hello I have a 5mo old Egyptian hatchling currently kept in an open table enclosure. Currently using UVB light and a heat lamp (obviously). I give her a soak outside everyday when then the sun is out, and let her run around for about 30 minutes as well. If I’m doing this already, is it still...
  10. Wasa77

    Ashy head

    Can you post pictures and give us some details about your set up please? I don’t think anyone can offer concrete help you if you can’t help us understand.
  11. Wasa77

    Dovelett15 - Egyptian Tortoises. Highly Recommend

    After doing some research and deciding to seek out an Egyptian tortoise, I reached out to dovelett15 through email on a whim. She had hatchlings available within a few months of contact and was extremely helpful and informative, which gave me a lot of confidence when purchasing from her. Even...
  12. Wasa77


    They grow so fast!!! What kinds of greens have you been feeding him? :)
  13. Wasa77

    5 Month Old Egyptian

    I will definitely!! Was just a little shy to post
  14. Sauna Time

    Sauna Time

    Another soak.
  15. Tiny


    Noticed the camera in the enclosure
  16. Not Camera Shy

    Not Camera Shy

    What’s that doing in my house?
  17. Soak Time

    Soak Time

    5 mo old Egyptian soaking
  18. Wasa77

    5 Month Old Egyptian

    just wanted to share my Egyptian that will be 5mo’s old in a couple of weeks. About 36 grams at the moment. Don’t see too much about these guys. just enjoying a little soak here :)
  19. Wasa77

    Egyptian hatchlings check list

    What do you already have? If you list some necessities, I or someone else could point out anything you’re missing? :)
  20. Wasa77

    Hi Carol, I’m interested in a Russian Tortoise hatchling. I’d love to chat with you about...

    Hi Carol, I’m interested in a Russian Tortoise hatchling. I’d love to chat with you about owning one. Wondering when the next available batch will be! Thanks