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    Overheating and death

    Very sadly, after redoing the enclosures yesterday and adding my two new erosas to the rest of the group, my thermostat malfunctioned. 3 of the 8 are now probably dead. This came as a result of receiving back my main very expensive thermostat system(Microclimate Prime), which had been sent off...

    mushroom day

    Some pics from today: New growth on this one is noticeably much better over the past two years I've had her. The two (accidentally acquired) homeana-they will be off to their new home as part of a big group at the end of this month, but enjoying their time here I think-even if they are...

    SCL, Weight etc. Data Request For K.erosa

    Trying to collect data for this species to derive some sort of rough idea of weight to SCL ratio. However, due to the varying shape of this species-some are much flatter than others-, I would appreciate some more info as well. So if people could please send me: Weight: SCL: Vertical height...

    Homeana Aestivation?

    Just had one of the two homeanas I acquired-by accident, were meant to be erosa, go into a kind of state of aestivation. Hadn't seen him in the enclosure for two weeks or so, but I thought he'd be OK, but I looked for him and found him looking very much like a dead tortoise. Wouldn't even...

    Drying out time

    @ascott did actually raise an interesting point in that thread, and ignoring the arguments of that thread-I have little knowledge of cuora, and would suspect they are species which would not experience this in the wild-, it is something that we haven't covered, as far as I'm aware, as a single...

    Microclimate Prime

    This is a really cool bit of kit, I have to say. If you're looking for something a bit more clever than a normal thermostat, IT IS FANTASTIC! It allows you to control 3 channels(multi-socket adapters can be used, as long as the total wattage does not exceed 1200), two where you can set the...

    The Sunshine Gets 'Em Goin'

    Some pics of the hinges-the ones I've had for a while, not the new ones: I can see you in the distance!:mf_dribble: He's behind you! Am I on? Is that how I do it? Ah! Figured it out! At that point I thought I'd leave them to a bit of peace, and for some lovin' in the oven that was our garden...

    The enjoyment of annoying scammers

    So since everyone else is posting up these, I thought you'd enjoy this-my conversation back in April with Olena Reptiles: Me: Could you get hold of kinixys erosa adult females? How much would they be? Where are you based? Them 21 April 10:51 hello thanks for the interest . we are located in...

    Feeding pics of the hingebacks and reds

    New hingebacks: My other trio of k.erosa-who said hingebacks didn't eat green stuff??? And some of the reds-it's becoming really obvious the nice new smooth growth compared to the old pyramided growth(the little guy being the exception as I've had him since a yearling, has grown...

    New k.erosa

    Settled down quite well. 1.2, 2 just under 25cm SCL, one about 15cm SCL. All have eaten, and while shy, don't seem too stressed. They're a bit blurred due to them being taken on my phone, but hope you enjoy!

    KBB or KN?

    What do you guys make of this girl?(not mine, but thinking of helping someone's breeding project of KBB in return for them helping me with an erosa, who may have been the one that laid SUCCESSFULLY INCUBATED eggs last year for him) She has 5 claws on her front feet, which makes me think KBB...

    Nuchal Scute

    Check out these... Forest Hingebacks could mean either homeana or erosa, and my first thought was definite homeana, due to the knob on the hinge. But interestingly, two of them don't have nuchal scutes as far as I can see. I believe this...

    A good report on the genus Probably the most thorough report yet for the genus. Enjoy...

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    How do I do this?

    K.erosa 20cm+ female

    Seeking a large, adult female or two of this species. Don't mind where you are as I can arrange transport with a breeder to the Hamm show in Germany, so she would just have to be shipped to the breeder. Let me know.

    To bask or not to bask?

    That is the question. K.erosa and k.homeana are found generally in leaf litter, often around rocks, in rainforests that aren't going to allow much light in. As such, most people do not recommend providing a basking spot to these species-and even some keepers of nogueyi don't for them either...


    Ok, I admit to knowing next to nothing about these guys so hoping Kelly or someone like that will come along. But four 10cm ones are available for an extremely cheap price. Obviously I will be cautious, but just interested. Any basic care ideas?

    Climatic Nature of Cameroon Worth a read for any keepers of kinixys species. From what I know, homeana and erosa are found in the south of the country, and nogueyi in the north. I know it is only a small part of the ranges but still gives some wild data.

    Fake rock 3D background

    Thinking of doing something along the lines of what the dart frog keepers do with polystyrene and grout to build up climbing areas at the back for my hinges. Would like to get opinions on it-risk of eating the polystyrene etc.- as I know there are some frog keepers on here.

    Tortoises-and turtles I guess- in Kenya(specifically western)

    I might be going to western Kenya not this summer but the summer after that for 3 weeks. What species are found there? So far I can think of: Pancakes Specks Hingebacks Leopards Pelusios I think are also found there Any others?