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  1. argus333

    What u think of these???

    I guy I kno builds these as garden beds I told him to sell as tortoises enclosures as well.... they can be made into tons of different shapes an sizes as big as u want to go. An are easy to move around the yard for grazing. As tortoise grows u can add pecies may be good indoors as well with some...
  2. argus333

    Need adult male sulcata

    hi I’m looking to adopt a adult male sulcata in the nj, ny,pa area.. I will travel .... I breed sulcatas and am in need of another male. I can give the best possible home in the nj area I’ve been breeding sulcatas for 8 yrs.. an have been threw it all... let me kno what u have any pics if u...
  3. argus333

    Oregon & sulcatas

    i have a chance to move to oregon coos bay to be exact. a job opening came up there for me and would really like to go as I'm a avid surfer, snowboarder & skateboarder and oregon is a great place to be to do all 3 of these. but how is it for sullys? i have 4 adults and breed red tegus and own...
  4. argus333

    looking adopt bearded dragons

    hey i have a spare greenhouse and I'm looking to set up a bearded dragon colony in there, if anyone has adults they are looking to get to a good home and your near nj let me know.. they will have best life ever! i raise my own bugs and have ample greens they will have outdoor sun all summer...
  5. argus333

    onion grass?

    whats up with onion grass some of my sulllys love it other walk by it like its not even there? good or bad?
  6. argus333

    Female sulcata

    12 inch female eats great loves people. $300 great sully 100% female... Pick up only no shipping. Can meet @ Hamburg reptile show. 732 768 8093. Has small under bite.
  7. argus333

    will be -10 tonight!

    this winter here sucks last night 6 inches of more snow 60 mph wind and 12 degrees. tonight -10 25 mph wind! ugh. I'm sick of it. sulcatas outside i piled hey bails on all sides of shed for extra insulation. its 86 to 102 in shed. lucky enough will be new record tonight.
  8. argus333

    major snowstorm!

    well looks like a huge blizzard is barring down on me and my sulcatas. they are outside safe in there heated 5 inch thick insulated walls shed. just hoping power does not go out!!! i have alarm with a battery back up set up up if it does. possible 30 + inches of snow with 60 mph wind... i...
  9. argus333

    Puerto Rico?

    Any one know what's up with keeping tortoises and lizards in puerto rico? I can't find any info, so I'm thinking is ok.... May move there in a few years and like to set up large breeding program. Thanks
  10. argus333

    hard wood mulch ?

    can't find cypress mulch by me anymore, whats up with hardwood mulch? guy tells me there is no pine or cedar in it. it looks good? anyone know for sure?
  11. argus333

    14 inc. male sulcata

    male 14 inch + sulcata, smooth shell. $250 call / tex pat 732 768 8093.
  12. argus333

    14 + inch. male sulcata

    14 inch. + male sulcata has smooth shell great eater, great personality. perfect. $300 obo. call/tex 732 768 8093. eats hay, grasses, mazuri. sad to let him go but have to many males.
  13. argus333

    cactus with spines? sulcata

    anyone feed cactus with the spines on it i see it all the time at food store, i think my leopards ate this once or twice yrs. ago.
  14. argus333

    male sulcata $200 n.j

    male sulcata 12 inch shell. smooth shell almost perfect. super high energy out going sully. runs around all day. $200 pains me to get rid of this guy but i can't have 2 males, he tries to breed with everything! call/tex pat 732 768 8093 [hr] no shipping rt now.. thanks
  15. argus333

    Shipping container for shed?

    Anyone use a old shipping container for tortoise shed? There cheep huge and almost indestructible .. I see them for $300 for a 24 ft x 12 ft. All it would need is a small tortoise door and some insulation.
  16. argus333

    oral baytril for tortoise

    hey any of u guys ever heard of baytril pills given to tortoise orally? friend has a 12 inch sulcata with respiratory infection. i got him to warm him up , 101 under light 82 to 90 around pen keeping him a little dryer eating fine and active. he went to a dog cat vet and they gave him baytril...
  17. argus333

    sulcata size breeding

    what size are sulcatas ready for breeding? roughly? when can female pass eggs safely? 16 inch?
  18. argus333

    king of pop aldabras?

    what ever happened to michel jacksons aldabras? is never land still operating?
  19. argus333

    sulcata greenhouse and heated shed. on a budget

    i live in coastal nj i built heated shed and now with winter here i built a low budget greenhouse. temps in shed are 80 to 100 daytime and 70 to 80 at night. green house is about 10 to 30 degrees warmer then outside depending on sun. other day was 35 out but 75 inside! plastic sweats so...
  20. argus333

    to worm or not to worm?

    who on here worms there tortoises? i used to do it once a yr then i stopped as i read it could be bad. i would just do panacure 2 doses 2 weeks apart once a yr. all has been fine but 1 sulcata just tested positive for hook worms. all others have nothing. 2 leopards and 2 other sulcata...