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  1. Doreen S.


    Hi all I am moving some New York to Tucson Arizona Sometime within the next 2 months maybe 3 problem is how do I take My two-year-old Herman's Shipping won't be an option Because it will be Too hot in Tucson. I am Flying anyone know what I could do
  2. Doreen S.


    Hi everyone I just want to know if I'm feeding my tortoise too much I feed her every day twice a day now I hear I should only be feeding her 3 times a week she's a one-year-old Herman's tortoise
  3. Doreen S.

    Safety of rocks in your yard

    Can anyone tell me if the rocks in my yard will be safe to put in my tortoise enclosure I live in Staten Island New York and or if I can somehow clean them??
  4. Doreen S.

    Safe paints for tortoise enclosure

    Hi everyone I purchased a new enclosure for my one year old Herman's tortoise I want to paint it !!!so hard to get information on the proper paint does anyone know what paint is 100% safe to use?
  5. Doreen S.

    Broadleaf seed mix

    Does anyone know if I can grow my broadleaf seed mix for my hermann's indoors
  6. Doreen S.

    My baby trying to attack me

    My baby tort is 2mths. Old she let's me feed her now but just yesterday she seems to charge me does anyone know about this help
  7. Doreen S.

    Spagnum moss

    Hi everyone is it okay for me to put spagnum moss in my enclosure for my 6 week old Eastern hermann's tortoise
  8. Doreen S.

    Baby Daisy

    Hi everyone I finally received my baby 2 days ago I'm in love already just wanted people to see a pic of my new baby and I do have a question is it good to put spagnum moss in enclosure she is an Eastern hermann's 6 weeks old oh and any advice on a new baby it's a little nerve-wracking because...
  9. Doreen S.

    Backyard weeds

    Hi there tort lovers, important question in 20 years I have never sprayed anything harmfull in my yard untill this year! In june i sprayed weed killer spray( Round Up) , it has rained hard quite a few times since then I live in Staten Island New York haven't gotten my new baby Easton hermann's...
  10. Doreen S.

    New Eastern Hermes baby owner

    Hi everyone about to be a proud new owner oven Eastern Hermes baby tortoise excited to be on here to start I need to know if it's ok to set up my indoor habitat a few weeks before I receive my baby anyone know