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  1. Aspen

    Comment by 'Aspen' in media 'Mango enjoys the occasional raspberry.'

    @JasonMcKeownSr Thanks! She was the breeders top pick.
  2. Mango enjoys the occasional raspberry.

    Mango enjoys the occasional raspberry.

  3. Tortoise butts are adorable.

    Tortoise butts are adorable.

  4. Don't watch her while she's eating.

    Don't watch her while she's eating.

  5. Aspen

    Okay Set Up?

    And another thing, does the bottom of the shell look normal? I'm afraid of shell rot.
  6. Aspen

    Okay Set Up?

    Thanks everyone! She has been home for almost a week now and is settling in nicely. I bought her from a local breeder at Repticon who said she was a March hatchling, putting her at 6 months old. I have one more question, this time about poop. Monday-Thursday it was very runny, but I read that...
  7. Aspen

    Okay Set Up?

    I'm picking up my first ever tortoise, a young redfoot this Saturday and I've been working to get the right conditions this week. I want to check that my temperatures are okay, it stays around 90 degrees on the hot side and 79-80 on the cooler end. I'm currently using a 100 watt powersun bulb...