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  1. hollyandT

    Mixing substrates

    So I’ve just made T a larger enclosure and to fill it I’ve got 6 bricks of coco and coir but it’s going to take a lot more which might be a little too pricey I thought I could maybe mix it with other things and I remember reading something about Timothy hay so I bought 2 bags of it and I’ve...
  2. hollyandT

    Doris Day RIP

    Can’t believe at 97 years old she’s had such an amazing long life and hope I live that long! Only watched one of her movies - a touch of mink - and I loved it. I’m working my way through the silver screen era and I recon the next one I watch will be one of hers in honour of her life I guess :(...
  3. hollyandT

    Are these eye drops any good?

    I’ve just purchased these eye drops as T has just opened his eye properly! His eye has a bit of discharge and the eye drops I already use are just drying his eye closed so I thought I’d try something else There’s not a lot of instruction which makes me a little anxious about using it
  4. hollyandT


    Does anyone with a Russian/horse field tort know if they’re allowed tomatoes ??
  5. hollyandT

    T and I say HELLOOO!:)

    I’m holly and my tortoise is called T! T is a horse field tortoise or Russian tortoise. He is my first and he is 5 this year! We’re from the uk, East Yorkshire to be a little more specific:) T is most active when there is light and sound present and I love watching him/her walk around and...
  6. hollyandT


    My tortoise has an eye infection and was being medicated in summer, T decided to hibernate early and over the Christmas period I woke him/her up but the medication has expired but there’s still at least a months use left in them! Is there any way of getting more without the costly expense of...