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  1. Ghazan

    What waterproof flooring to use in a heated enclosure?

    With the cooler weather here in Socal my leopards are spending more time in their heated enclosure outside. They inevitably poop/pee inside and it's a pain to clean and stinks. I was wondering what do you guys use so the wood doesn't get soaked or smell with time? Was thinking of using a second...
  2. Ghazan

    Leopard Gender Guess?

    I have to PP leopards, 1 is 9 inches weighing ~5 lbs the second one is 10 inches and 5.5 lbs. They will be 3 years old in May. Any thoughts ... thanks
  3. Ghazan

    Light Fixture for heated outdoor enclosure?

    Looking for a light socket/fixture with cord/plug. Is there anything available that I can just screw into the lid or wall of my outdoor heated enclosure so I can add some 'daylight' inside with a timer. I will be using a standard LED bulb. I can't seem to find anything that's plug and play. Thanks
  4. Ghazan

    Controlling mosquitos in outside turtle tubs?

    I live in Socal and am hoping to keep a couple waterland tubs outside full time with an aquarium heater. How do you guys maintain mosquito populations? I had some moving water and added some guppies but still had some activity. Not sure if it cooled down but now I added a mosquito dunk? I...
  5. Ghazan

    NA Wood Turtle Care sheet / Videos / Pictures ?

    Any good videos, pictures or care sheets primarily for juvenile NA wood turtles ~3 inches. I've read Al Roach's book and Chris Leone's online guide but looking for some examples of how people keep juveniles. I had all 4 of them in a rubbermaid container that was split 50/50 water and land but...
  6. Ghazan

    Tortoises with Nyctotherus and Entamoeba coli-like

    I have 3 radiated tortoise been quarantining for 3 months. Just did a stool O&P showing moderate (11-30) Nyctotherus and moderate (11-30) Entamoeba coli-like. Unclear how old they are, CB born probably mid 2018 (~ 6 months is my best guess). They are active and eat but growing very slowly. 2...
  7. Ghazan

    Shell Rot or Shedding - Spotted turtle?

    Limited experience with spotted turtles, so not sure if this is typical shedding or shell rot. I have seen fungus on the skin, which this spotted does not have, skin seems fine. I noticed it when I dry docked her for 2 hours to do a water change. Only reason why I ask is because I've never seen...
  8. Ghazan

    2 Radiata, 1 not eating

    Picked up 2 radiated torts in August, 1 was 49 grams and 2nd was 38 grams the first day I had them. I think they were born May or June of this year. They've been kept in 4x2 AP cage with basking end around 95 and cool end around 88. At night I turn off all heating and lights, gets to room temp...
  9. Ghazan

    Best Turtles for outdoor pond in Southern California?

    Recently had a 800-1000 gallon pond built with a waterfall in my backyard. What are some good options in Southern California for aquatic or semi-aquatic turtles that can live outdoors all year, it's north facing area with sun through 2pm, then complete shade in the afternoon? Not really...
  10. Ghazan

    price difference btwn leopard types

    What's the price difference typically between babcocki and pp?
  11. Ghazan

    Wanted: Leopard or Sulcata Tortoise - Los Angeles

    Looking for 1 or 3 leopards or sulcata tortoise - hatchlings to adults. Let me know, I'm in Los Angeles, CA. Hatchlings will be housed indoors, adults will have a enclosed section of my back yard with a warm box (~ 1.2k square feet). Thank you.
  12. Ghazan

    Outdoor Russian set up

    New to the forum, built this enclosure for an adult male Russian I adopted ~ 9 months ago, let me know what you think. It's about 6.5 feet in diameter, stones are > 12" high with 1 buried. The shed has an overhead reptile basic heater, insulated and a thermostat. Planted a hibiscus and couple...