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  1. wessicataylor

    Chipping Shell

    Hello, my neighbors recently moved and left this little guy behind because they couldn't take him with them. We took him in about a week ago. I am concerned because his shell is very brittle on the surface and there are large pieces of the scutes that are chipping off. We already have an...
  2. wessicataylor


    Hi, today I just got a Redfoot tortoise, named Tina, from a lady who had her for about 10 years and I noticed she had some pretty bad pyramiding. The owner said she gave her calcium supplements and didn't give her much protein and Tina lived on her bathroom floor while she had her. I was...
  3. wessicataylor

    Question about diet??

    I'm getting a red-footed tortoise next week and I'm really excited, so I have been doing some research about their care and I've heard a lot about red-footed tortoises needing more protein in their diet than other species. However, I'm not quite sure what would be a good source of protein for...
  4. wessicataylor

    Substrate Question

    I've had Ralph for about a year now and I have been using a mixture of 50% coconut coir and 50% sand, but it seemed to be really dry, so I started using more coconut coir, but it's still really really dry, should I stop using sand all together or what should I do?
  5. wessicataylor

    Russian Tortoise threw up

    I have had my Russian Tortoise, Potsie, for about a year now and she seems like she has been healthy, but lately both of my Russian tortoises have been a little lethargic, but I assumed this was because it is winter. However, Potsie just started gagging a little bit and threw up a very very...
  6. wessicataylor

    help with russian tortoise?

    hi im jessica, and a few months ago i purchased a couple of russian tortoises from the petstore and one one of them has gotten a lot darker since i took him in and has developed a thick layer of what looks like substrate on his neck, but it wont come off. I have them in a large rubbermaid...