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    Just checking to see if anyone knew anyone selling radiated torts around Ohio. Not easy to get a permit or find someone wanting to “gift” such a beautiful animal and would like to eventually get into breeding with spiders and radiated torts.
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    Still looking

    Just looking for any spiders, normal and flat tail included. Would prefer hatchlings and willing to talk about a price for one or two
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    Looking to buy a spider tortoise

    Hello not having much luck with radiated tortoises as I’m from Ohio and don’t have a license and can’t find anyone here who breeds them. Looking for a spider tortoise hatchling and willing to spend a little over average selling price for anyone who has one and is willing to sell. I own a few...
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    Looking to purchase a radiated tortoise of one year or less in age

    Would like to purchase a radiated tortoise of one year or less I’ve always wanted one. I own several Sulcatas and an aldabra but would really like a radiated only Problem is I live in Ohio. There arnt a vast number of breeders in Ohio especially on the rarer side of tortoise breeding. If anyone...