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  1. lou.and.noodles

    concerned about food intake

    Hey all, I recently started Noodles on a new diet of home grown bib lettuce, clover, carrot leaves, and another green that I think is mustard green. I'm trying to get him to eat it, but he's been eating less and it's making me worried. I'm mixing in his favorite food (Mazuri tortoise diet), but...
  2. lou.and.noodles

    Foods that make them poop?

    Hey all! Noodles is doing well, but I'm worried that he's not pooping enough. He eats curly endive and sometimes will eat Mazuri tortoise diet. I soak him every other day, and I see him pee when I do, but I don't see him poop. I soak him for 15-20 minutes. I do spot clean and sometimes see a...
  3. lou.and.noodles

    Squeaking rubber noise?

    Hello all! Recently I've been hearing noodles make this weird squeak noise, like cartoon rubber shoes, whenever he's eating. He is around 8-9 months old. I keep his ambient temp at ~80 degrees f, and I re-moisturize his enclosure once a week. He has a humidity box with wet substrate, and he...
  4. lou.and.noodles

    Normal Weight?

    Hey all! In a previous post I said that Noodles was 130g, only to find out later that my scale was broke. I have a new one, and it says his weight is 84g. Is that normal for a 6 month old Russian? Thanks! Gracey and Noodles
  5. lou.and.noodles

    New enclosure

    Hey everyone! Noodles is growing (he's nearly 6 months old and now weighs 13g!), and I've been looking for a large plastic bin to keep him in, but I'm having a hard time finding one that's big enough. I would try to make my own, but I have very limited resources to do so. Does anyone have any...
  6. lou.and.noodles

    Noodles schedule

    Hey everyone! I'm going to be out of town for a couple days (3), and I don't have anyone to take care of noodles, and I can't transport his enclosure. Should I just leave him a lot of water and food or should I try to take him with me in a very small enclosure? I'm hesitant to do the second...
  7. lou.and.noodles


    Hey guys! I was looking at noodles the other day and I began to worry that he's getting pyramid. I'm really worried. I added some photos that are recent, hopefully you can see his shell enough. For reference, he is 4 months old and his shell is about 2 1/2 in. long. He gets soaked everyday...
  8. lou.and.noodles

    Seed recommendations?

    Hey everyone! I've been feeding noodles store-bought greens, mostly because we live in a climate that doesn't have very many available weeds. I want noodles to be as healthy as possible, so I was thinking of growing his food at home. Are there any seed mixes that I should get? Noodles is a 4...
  9. lou.and.noodles


    Hi everyone! I love noodles, but I always have anxiety that I'm not doing enough for him. I have a t5ho UVB light fro zoomed, but i'm still worried he'll get mbd. how can I soothe my worries? Thanks, Gracey and noodles
  10. lou.and.noodles

    How do i get Noodles to eat vitamins?

    Hi! Noodles isn't a very picky eater, but he hates eating food with his vitamins on it. I've tried watering it down, putting it on his feeding slate, and using a tiny tiny amount, but none of it works. I got him some pellets (Fluker's pellet blend) that has a bunch of the vitamins he needs, but...
  11. lou.and.noodles

    Is my three month old RT big enough?

    Hi everyone! Everything with noodles is going great! He loves arugula and mustard greens haha. I just wanted to ask if noodles seems big enough for a three month old. Here's him on his feeding slate.
  12. lou.and.noodles

    Help my tort be less bored!

    Hey yall! I'm starting school soon and I want to make sure that Noodles isn't bored when I'm gone. I put a pingpong ball in his enclosure, but he doesn't seem to be interested in it. How can I make sure that Noodles gets proper enrichment while I'm gone? Thanks! Gracey and Noodles
  13. lou.and.noodles

    Cuttlebone recommendations?

    Hey everyone! Noodles is doing really well, but isn't that much of a fan of calcium on his food. He'll eat it, but I can tell he doesn't like it. I'm going to get some cuttlebone so he doesn't have to eat all of the greens with the calcium on it, but I need some recommendations. Thanks...
  14. lou.and.noodles

    RT hatchling sleeping too much?

    Hi everyone! I recently got a hatchling russian (a little over two months) and he sleeps most of the day. He'll walk around sometimes and will eat A LOT, but he mostly takes really long naps under the sphagnum moss and inn the substrate. I make sure to spray it down and keep the basking spot at...
  15. lou.and.noodles

    The wonderful Carol S!

    After the passing of my first tortoise, Louie, I was devastated. I had no idea how sick he was, let alone that he would die so soon. So, when he passed, I realized that I really wanted a new tortoise, especially one that I knew was healthy. When I asked on this site, everyone told me to get into...
  16. lou.and.noodles

    Preventing pyramiding?

    Hello! As I have mentioned before, I'm getting a baby Russian very soon (august 4th). I'm really concerned about pyramiding and how to prevent it. I've ordered the lights so it won't get MBD, as well as some moss to create extra moist hides. Can anyone help me to prevent pyramiding? I'm so so...
  17. lou.and.noodles

    Rushed schedule?

    Hello everyone! I'm getting a new tortoise from the amazing Carol S.! I was planning on school being out for a couple months longer than usual, but it looks like that won't happen. I'll have to do everything either very early in the morning or very late at night. Which one would be best? I...
  18. lou.and.noodles

    Feeding and vitamin schedule?

    Hello everyone! I'm getting a baby Russian, and I want to make sure it gets all the vitamins and variety it needs. I'm getting it in around august, so weeds might not be that available. What foods and vitamins would you all recommend and when should I give them to the tort? Thanks! -Gracey
  19. lou.and.noodles

    Louie says goodbye.

    Hello everyone. I have very bad news. Louie, my russian tortoise, has passed away this morning. I woke up this morning to feed him, only to find him unresponsive to anything I tried. About two hours later, he had gone completely stiff. I'm not sure why he died, but I find comfort in the fact...
  20. lou.and.noodles

    Spring mix contents?

    Hey everybody! I'm starting Louie on solid foods again and wanted to ask if there's anything in this spring mix that I shouldn't feed him.