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  1. KBeam

    Three Toed Box Turtle Hibernation

    My ornate box turtle hibernates for 8 weeks regardless of lights and or heat. Even if she can’t see outside she seems to know when the days get longer/shorter. This year when she puts herself to bed, I’m going to let her hibernate in our insulated workshop. There is some evidence that females...
  2. KBeam

    Ethical Dilemma Question

    I think it should be disclosed, but it’s also very obvious in the photo.
  3. KBeam

    nutrition question: modern dog foods

    With a kitchen scale, you can make perfectly proportioned “turtle meatballs” then freeze. I use ice trays with lids. As they thaw they get mushy and gross, just the way box turtles like them 😁. I make 48 at a time and then supplement with what we’re having for dinner if suitable and in season...
  4. KBeam

    Hello from newbie in Illinois

    Here’s some good starter guides..
  5. KBeam

    Hello from newbie in Illinois

    Sorry, I just saw you identified the boxies species.
  6. KBeam

    Hello from newbie in Illinois

    I have an ornate box turtle and a Herman’s tortoise here in Illinois. The box turtle hibernates early Nov-late Mar. Two quick things: if you need a vet the Wildlife Vet Clinic at the U of I is very good. If your box turtle is an ornate it requires a state endangered species permit, it’s free...
  7. KBeam

    Locking tortoise up at night?

    My dog sitter that comes to my house was willing to care for my “shell folk” too, and she does a great job!
  8. KBeam

    Does anyone use small dehydrators?

    In Oklahoma you should be able to dry on screens in the sun. I would look on Pinterest for someone drying herbs for ideas.
  9. KBeam


    I had someone suggest using the wildlife vet at our local university because they spend more time on reptiles than regular small animal vets. You could find a wildlife rehab that could give you a good suggestion.
  10. KBeam

    DIY Cages: Critter Condo [48"X24"X24"]

    I’ve seen people put more than one together with “tunnels” as their tortoise grows.
  11. KBeam

    New indoor/winter enclosure build. Looking for suggestions.

    We heated our basement in Indiana with radiant floor heating. Works great.
  12. KBeam

    how to get tortoise to like you??

    For adults, I think it helps to keep them somewhere they can hear your voice and the noises of the household. I took in an adult ornate bt and I would talk with her every time I walked by her cage and gave her a few strokes on the shell. After about 6 months she will come out and see what I’m...
  13. KBeam

    Just curious...which tortoise swims best?

    At least they’re buoyan.
  14. KBeam

    Just curious...which tortoise swims best?

    FYI Ornate and western box turtles don’t have webbed feet and swim minimally. They’re considered terrestrial turtles.
  15. KBeam

    Anyway to train tortoise to poop outside his night box?

    You’ve convinced me to stick with the little guys!
  16. KBeam

    Eating poop?

    I have an ornate box turtle that eats nearly all her poop. My vet at the University of Illinois told me it’s very common in terrestrial turtles. 1. they gain the extra nutrients and 2. It helps shield the presence from predators. It makes it easy to keep her cage clean, but I never kiss her...
  17. KBeam

    What made you get your first Tortoise?

    When I was three, my family went out to the west coast and in Tijuana you could ride giant tortoises. I know it’s awful! But it was a long time ago. I was hooked. Since then tortoises have been my favorite.
  18. KBeam

    Lighting issues as well as a check-in on tortoise health

    Looks like you’re doing a great job with him. Keep reading and keep learning and I’m sure you’ll do great.
  19. KBeam

    In love with a potted plant?

    Hello fellow Wyomingite! Although now I‘m in illinois. One thing I do in my house is have radiant floor heating in my master bath. Something I learned from a cousin in Thermopolis. It’s a people and tortoise pleaser in the winter! The tortoise under supervision, of course!