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  1. Hamiltondood

    found weeds in front of house

    any idea what these weeds are? i don't spray pesticides or use fertilizers, the flowers are white with a yellow middle i think these are common daisies but want to make sure Common Name: Daisy (Lawn Daisy; Common Daisy; English Daisy) Latin Name: Bellis perennis Family Name...
  2. Hamiltondood

    contact with mold..?

    hello! i just made a post on a thread about my tortoise (cheese tate) about some mold in his enclosure. i'm starting to think he came in contact with the mold. i soaked him for 45 minutes while i was cleaning out his enclosure. the mold was right next to the food dish, too :( thinking about...
  3. Hamiltondood

    flying bugs

    hey! about an hour ago, i noticed some flying bugs in cheese tate's enclosure. he has a greenhouse enclosure so the bugs are kind of trapped inside. at first i thought they were springtails, but theyre actually black and fly.. theyve been climbing on the plastic and i know they might not harm...
  4. Hamiltondood

    possible bladder stone...?

    i just found a small "rock" in cheese tate's enclosure. it looks like a dark piece of cement. its more dark grey than black and has some grey spots peeking through. im not sure what it is but cheese is soaking in some warm water right now. i've found a fresh poop before i saw the "stone". i've...
  5. Hamiltondood

    "spot" bulbs

    does anybody know why spot bulbs are bad? i've heard somebody say that they get too hot, but i just wanted to double check. i dont plan on getting a spot bulb anytime soon since the ones from home depot are way cheaper 😅
  6. Hamiltondood

    Sulcata diet

    food: sunflower leaves hibiscus (flower and leaf) escarole mazuri pellets (3-5) 3x a week occasional spring mix (he doesn’t like spinach) grass (trying to introduce) Rose of Sharon (flower and leaf) fruit: (1x a week) bell peppers cucumber (All pesticide free) I’m planning on expanding my...
  7. Hamiltondood


    Do you guys know if I could feed my sully gomphrena? I live in Texas and have some nice plants that could be dehydrated for winter. I’m trying to dehydration some hibiscus and he seems to like it. already searched thetortoisetable but couldn’t find anything..Thoughts?
  8. Hamiltondood

    My tortoise, cheese!