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  1. tortugatamer

    Best grass for a south Texas outdoor enclosure?

    My search feature is not working, so I'm asking something that I'm sure has been asked before. I live in south Tx and want to find a good grass for my outdoor enclosure (for a leopard tortoise) . I was going to do a pasture grass, but I'm not sure if I want 2'-4' of grass in the enclosure. I...
  2. tortugatamer

    A little guide for the Texas peeps. This is mostly directed at livestock. But I figure it is a great guide anyway. It has native grasses of Texas and a poisonous plant and grass database. Hope this helps y'all like it has helped me. Jenn
  3. tortugatamer

    Solar Pond Pumps?

    Alright, this isn't for a water turtle... But I figured that I could get some great advise here! You guys KNOW ponds, and I need help with a soaking pool for Rufus. Due to living in south Texas would like to have moving water in his soaking pool. It will be a grade of 2"-8" deep and hold...
  4. tortugatamer

    Would "Hydration Hay" be good for grazing tortoises?

    I was wondering if any of you have seen/used Hydration Hay as a part of your grazing tortoise's diet? Here is a link to the product ingredients page: We are now having to buy a container of the zoomed grazing tortoise food...
  5. tortugatamer

    Rufus hits 1 year this month!

    According to the breeder Rufus pipped in early November 2012. When we got him at 2 months old he was 41g and 2" scl. Let's just say he has been growing like a weed! Here are some photos! This is in January And today 6"!
  6. tortugatamer

    Did anyone lose a tortoise in san Antonio?

    Just saw a fb post for a found tortoise.
  7. tortugatamer

    Building Rufus' Outdoor Enclosure

    So I am getting ready for the spring when Rufus will be living outside during the day. The space will be 12'x15'. Nothing much to show now but the fence but I'm excited and want to share! These are the rough decorating plans. The enclosure will have a good sized pond and 2 or 3 burrows. And...
  8. tortugatamer

    A question on pyramiding...

    When we bought Rufus from the breeder he told us that he had been kept in a humid environment he even showed me several photos of how they were kept. The pictures depicted a classic rubber maid tub with cococoir, water and feed dishes. He even had a few of the parents that were pyramided but he...
  9. tortugatamer

    Enclosure photos!

    I moved things around so Rufus could fit through all of the open spaces. I think he likes it! Sent from my MB865 using TortForum mobile app
  10. tortugatamer

    Grasses 75% off!

    Just an FYI but I went to Lowes today and most ornamental grasses were 75% off. I got two hibiscus plants and nine various grasses for $35! Sent from my MB865 using TortForum mobile app
  11. tortugatamer

    Outdoor enclosure question

    So would it be OK to use mulch around plants in an outdoor enclosure? Or is there a better method to help plants retain moisture with a tortoise involved? Sent from my MB865 using TortForum mobile app
  12. tortugatamer

    My other babies!

    Tater Opie Jasmine my little fur babies! Jeepers and Biscuit And the hubs Sent from my MB865 using TortForum mobile app
  13. tortugatamer

    Enjoying this sunny Saturday

    I can't wait until we get the outdoor enclosure set up! Next spring he will move into a 12x22' space that was our garden. Sent from my MB865 using TortForum mobile app
  14. tortugatamer

    A Plant I Can't id

    Plant 1 About 18" tall, lighter on the underside of leaves, and a smooth but woody stem Sent from my MB865 using TortForum mobile app
  15. tortugatamer

    we get our first two leopards on Sunday!

    So excited! I have been getting ready for this day for 2 months now! Our enclosure is all set up and has been running for a month, plants are growing and ready for hiding under or being nibbled on. :D tomorrow's going to be the longest day ever!
  16. tortugatamer

    enclosure progress

    Let's hope the picture shows! One month or so til we get our leopard tortoise so testing the temps/humidity/plants. Hitting 78-81 on the cool side, 88-95 on the hot side, basking spot of 103-105, and night temps of 78-80. As for humidity it ranges between 60%-80% depending on the side. The...
  17. tortugatamer

    Hatchling tortoise table for two Leopard torts.

    So here is my table. I would love some advice before I finish it out. It is 30"x4' and 9.5" high. I was thinking of coir and sand as a substrate the two clear dishes will have live grass (any recommendations?), the concrete den is the humid one and the log is the dry. The far right will be the...
  18. tortugatamer

    greatings from a newbie!

    Hello! I'm very excited to be getting into the wide world tortoises! We won't be actually getting our tortoises until January or February of next year. However I would really like to gather information on how to properly care for these beautiful little creatures. I know like with other animals...