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    Tort adoptions in AZ

    Thought I should share this
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    Found this tortoise/turtle!?

    Well my buddy was cleaning out a back yard of an foreclosed house there putting on the market and found this little one. Not sure what it is maybe a box turtle? House has been abandoned for 2 yrs now and the back yard is fully blocked in. So yeah let me know what it Is! Thanks
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    New weed ID please

    Hello all I have three weeds that are coming in new this year. This one has fuzzy leaves similar to lambs ear. Not sure on this one And finally this on is about to flower but is also fuzzy Thanks!
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    Persimmons tree?

    Wondering if I plant this outside of our enclosure if our sulcata can eat the leaves or fruit if they fall in on occasion.
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    Growing grass

    Well thought I should share my new experiment for growing grass indoors during the winter. I'll keep posting as time goes on. First things first. Started by using Vigoro grass seed fast growing mix found at HD. I decided to use three methods. 1. No soil. Just a reusable paper towel and some...
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    What do ya think about this grass blend?

    Welp here it is! Seems to be a good blend and for a decent price.
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    White haze in water

    Hello all! Quick question. I've been seeing this for a while but what is this white haze on the surface of the water? Im thinking it is from hugos urates? Or from the birds using the water? It usually appears every 2 days or so but i am curious if anyone else experiences this in their water. Thanks!
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    Basking lamp?

    Well I'm kinda concerned.. just took all of hugos measurements. 18" long about 30 lbs not 50 like I thought. Guess she's small for being 8 yrs old. Anyway should I have a basking light for him?.. I built his night box in the shed connected to his outdoor enclosure without thinking about this...
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    Any thoughts about this temp monitor?

    Was thinking on switching, we'll adding this remote temp monitor. If anyone has used one let me know your thoughts or what you have to monitor temps remotely.
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    Winter house dilemma

    Well as some of you know I'm a new sulcata owner. Winter is fast approaching us in sierra vista, AZ and I'm stuck. So he has an underground burrow I built for him. Here's the pic So it a about 5 ft deep 7 ft in and 5 ft wide the ceiling is only about 3 ft from where he sleeps. All summer...
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    Hugo's shell

    Hello all! So we've had Hugo for about two months now and he is settling in nicely! He is 8yrs old and about 50 lbs. I have a question about his shell. For one does this look normal... I've read some about it and this is what I have came up with... the flaking could be caused by dry conditions...
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    Tress to plant Arizona sulcata

    Ok looking for good shade or fruit TREES that are safe to eat. I did a search but only really finding bushes, flowers, weeds.. I already have a couple mulberry trees started from cuttings but I wanna go buy a couple bigger trees... or a link to a site that might have a list of edible trees...
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    Adult Sulcata Enclosure Build Arizona

    Hello all new here from Arizona check out my intro for more info. Well here is the start of our outdoor sulcata enclosure build. Mostly just the fencing done now. More pictures to come of his summer burrow that I will hopefully have done this weekend or so. Haven't had to buy anything becides...
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    Arizona Owners Desert Broom! Edible or Dangerous for sulcata

    Hello all, New here from Arizona! Soon to be owner of a 9 yr old sulcata. We have a bunch of desert broom aka. Baccharis sarothroides. Belongs to the aster family. As some of you might know this is a native shrub that grows abundantly here in the shouthwest. When it seeds out there are...
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    Hello from Arizona!

    Hello all New to this forum and a new to be owner of a 9 yr old sulcata about 44 lbs! We're down here in beautiful Sierra vista, az. We're rescuing Hugo at the end of the month as the current owners cannot take care of him anymore. Pretty excited about it. Been hovering around this site for the...