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  1. terryo

    Box turtles come home after one year

    Last Spring a devastating thing happened to me and my family of turtles. I went down to see my turtles, and since they just came up from hibernation, wanted to make sure everyone was OK. The turtle garden was a mess, plants stepped on and crushed, and the little pond was muddy. Since none of...
  2. terryo

    how do you get through a great loss

    If this isn't the right place to post this, just delete it. It doesn't matter......just felt the need to ramble on..... Every now and then I wake up and want to live again. Then, sometimes the sleepless nights come and I can't breathe. Does it ever end? It's just a part of who I am now, but...
  3. terryo

    Naomi and figs

    Naomi is saying, "Any minute one of these figs are going to fall.....any minute."
  4. terryo

    Turtle garden, last pictures of the Summer

    The nights are cool now, in the low 60's so the turtles aren't eating as much. Tomorrow I'll go find some leaf litter in the wood to set up the hibernation cave. The only flowers that haven't bloomed are the mums...probably next week so I'll take more pictures then. This is the only frog that...
  5. terryo

    how about this place?

    Looking to buy this. Anyone have any experience with them?
  6. terryo

    Chinese box turtle

    Does anyone know a good, trustable breeder for a Chinese Box Turtle? Like this:
  7. terryo

    interesting article

    Apparently I have " insufficient privileges" to post in the section for news articles, whatever that means. Anyway, saw this and thought it was interesting,c9649348
  8. terryo

    after rain in the turtle garden this AM

    It's been raining here for two days and finally some sun, so I thought I'd take some pictures as most of the turtles were out. Some of the flowers are starting to come up.
  9. terryo

    Turtles and Tortoise gardens

    I don't seem to get on here much lately, but here are some recent pictures of the turtles and Solo. The flowers haven't come up yet, so it's not as pretty as it will be in the mid Summer. Here's Solo, so happy to be outside again. (don't remember if I posted these or not...sorry if I did.)...
  10. terryo

    not getting todays posts

    Now I'm not getting todays posts and my e-mail said I have a private message, but that's not showing up on the forum either. Help!
  11. terryo

    OMG! The pigs are born.

    I'm so excited. The pigs were born today. She had 6. One was born dead. There is a little runt that isn't eating and we have to feed it with a bottle. I don't know if this is the way to post a video, but I'll try. View My Video View My Video
  12. terryo

    coolest video I've ever seen

    *Sep 1, 2013 7:40pm <>**
  13. terryo

    very sad....Pio gone now

    This is a very sad thread for me. I can't come on here much because my husband is very sick and takes up a lot of my time. Winter is coming and it's almost time for me to bring in Solo and Pio. Solo is still young and really doesn't seem to care if he is inside or outside, as long as he gets...
  14. terryo

    The box turtle garden today

    Hope this is the right place for this...if not, please put it where it belongs. Some pictures today in the box turtle garden....last one's before hibernation begins. This is my son's camera and I don't know how to change any aren't too good. Sorry. This is...
  15. terryo

    Pio and Solo

    This is the first Summer that Pio and Solo are together outside in the Tortoise garden. I moved the front of the hide because I couldn't find them, and wanted to see what they were doing. Pio is very sweet and placid, and Solo is more aggressive, especially when there is food around...
  16. terryo

    Web sites

    My son makes web sites, if anyone is interested Mike: 1-347-241-5787
  17. terryo

    new photo bucket

    Does anyone know how to up-load photo's on the new photo bucket? I hate this new pb. Is there another site to upload photo's so I can put then on a thread? I am really frustrated now.
  18. terryo

    Baby Snapping turtles hatching now

    There is a pond where I live and this Spring, a big mama Snapping turtle came out of the pond and laid her eggs in the yard. We put them in a tub, and now they started to hatch. Only two so far have hatched, and there are 6 eggs, so hopefully the other 4 will be hatching soon. After the yolk...
  19. terryo

    Out in the Garden today

    Today's food....venison, sweet potato's and strawberries. A favorite treat for everyone. If Pio was a cat or dog, she'd be licking the plate, but she eats every drop. Solo finished hers too. The turtles love it too, although most of them didn't come out today...
  20. terryo

    The turtle garden today

    Today was so warm, so everyone was up. Chewy went for a swim, trying to catch a goldfish. It was very comical to watch her underwater wating for one to pass by. Who said box turtles can't swim! I didn't catch any! Some ground venison for Chewy, since she didn't catch any fish...