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    Growing grass

    Check out my thread on growing grass Indoors and the mixes I used I agree though. Way easier to grow it outside and seed with winter grass and summer grasses. I'm not growing grass Indoors this year since I planted a bunch of grass outside.
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    Outdoor enclosure perimeter walls

    Mine is about the same size this is what I did check out the thread. Used leftover roof pannels since they were free. When i expand I'll might use wood boards.
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    Weed/seedmix for DFW has a great deal on organic bulk irrigated horse pasture seed that grows great all year long and is great for sulcatas!
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    I grew about 10 medium pumpkins this year so im feeding hugo one a week or so once the grass slows down. I chop It in quarters and he eats it all along with everything else in his pen. Winter grass in coming in nicely!
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    "Bud" is Hugo's nick name. When he doesn't wanna eat a treat I give him I say "alright then bud" and usually its gone in a couple hrs anyway lol
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    First build in progress!

    I just used regular silicone bathroom caulk. The cheap bottle. Shun me if you wish lol
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    I've done it with a regular home one for Hugo's winter box. Usually keeps humidity around 60 instead of the teens. But I have to fill it every day with distilled water. Might invest in a bigger tank this year though
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    Opinions on growing grass in Sulcata enclosure

    I concur with Tom on that seed mix I grew trays last winter with great success, also the seed in my large enclosure. I have a small thread on here just look through my profile for a setup idea for growing grass in trays.
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    Winter food to grow for a golden Greek tortoise

    You could always do leafy greens there are so many that are cold hardy. have some good seeds and are a great price for the quantity. Also baker creek farms at great germination from these people! Also turnip greens, collards, chard, dino kale is good too. gotta get to...
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    Prettiest seed mix?

    I order seed from multiple sites. Mostly for their horse pasture mix which has multiple grasses and clover, even some alfalfa has sprouted up. Desertseedstore for other mixes. Also just search for flowers n food that he can eat and order those seeds n plant them. I believe...
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    Ignorant keeper.

    Isn't anyone else wondering about where there finding hatchling sulcatas in az!? Intriguing
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    I spy...

    My mom still makes them around christmas! She always uses lard. They don't bake, taste or melt in your mouth if ya dont! No orange either don't know what that is doing in there.. I spy your four legged best friend
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    I spy...

    Chilling at work with my Jean pants I spy my favorite food... Donuts!
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    I have spread a bunch of mulch in my sulcata outdoor enclosure for ramps, trees and to grow grass (keeps the birds from eating the seed) No problems yet. Not purchased from the big box store. (Those can have herbicides, dyes and other stuff)
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    New Garden For My Russian

    It's the OYR guy
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    New Garden For My Russian

    Search for the "frugal gardner" on YouTube he's up there in Illinois and has an amazing garden if ya didn't already know! Plenty of ideas of things you could grow and even feed to your tort.
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    New Garden For My Russian

    I think a Russian seed mix would be great! I'm sure you have enough time until your first frost but you could still build a simple cold frame over it to extend the season. Love it when ppl grow stuff!
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    Tort adoptions in AZ

    Thought I should share this
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    Adult Sulcata Enclosure Build Arizona

    Yep haha damn auto correct