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  1. RV's mom

    RVs winter dinner

    Well yes, technically it's not winter, but the Bermuda is done and she's a demanding girl. She'll block the door making it difficult to go outside; my 60# goofball pity gives her much leeway.
  2. RV's mom

    Muck is good

    The well muddied tortoise is a happy tortoise. RV sends her regards and says play safe this 4th of july.. mp
  3. RV's mom

    RV's first taste of summer

    She is a HAPPY girl! Temperatures these next few days stretching north of 105..106° so a treat is in order. We've been watering heavily as to have the Bermuda grow for her, and her grazing has increased. She is a very happy girl.
  4. RV's mom


    I've been delinquent and ask your forgiveness. I hope everyone is being careful, observing safe distancing, and are stocked up for the long haul. There is a sulcata board on facebook.. the owners there seem fumbling in the dark and I've been trying to send them here, In the back of my mind...
  5. RV's mom

    Shell Rot??

    Will the athlete's foot cream treatment also apply to RES? I've been gone 3.5 of the last 4 months, came home and I'm concerned for my RES. He lives in a kiddie pool, plenty of sun (no basking rock - he somehow uses it to jump the wall), active and good appetite. His shell seems soft in places...
  6. RV's mom

    The Squire and RV

    Milo is never far from RV, who is sunning.
  7. RV's mom

    RV wants IN!!!

    So we've been having some trouble with the sliding glass door. Off its track, the track is dirty, doesn't want to slide... It's a very irritating thing. Then we realized RVs banging on the door trying to come through the glass and so I pulled the wrought iron slider. Now she is camped out...
  8. RV's mom

    RV and her BFF

    Snoozing in the morning sun. Taken through the window: if I go outside, Milo the cat disappears.
  9. RV's mom

    Found tort phoenix,

    A friend found a sulcata wandering the desert in phoenix. About 18" , possible female, minimal pyramiding. Anyone lose one, or anyone wanting to adopt? She's trying to find tort rescue. She's dog rescue, so don't know if her rescue holds are tort friendly... Been away a while. RV is healthy...
  10. RV's mom

    RVs a happy girl

  11. RV's mom

    Sunrise in the desert

    Has been beautiful
  12. RV's mom

    RV and the watermelon

    RV and the watermelon... I upgraded to a newfangled phone and took a video or 2 of RV. enjoy. And if the video doesn't upload I'll have to figure out .. something else.
  13. RV's mom

    RV sends purple haze greetings

    So a friend has cactus that have marvelous pears... BIG pears, and he picked a bag for us. RV is THRILLED! OK mom.. all gone. Ya got MORE?? Seriously. She was chasing me all over the yard. Cactus? if I must I must.
  14. RV's mom

    Surgery on female sulcata on TV last night

    Did anyone else see Exotic Vet episode last night? There was an egg-bound sulcata that required surgery to remove eggs.. Most of the eggs had somehow migrated up into her ureter, a few others were in the Fallopian tube area (not sure, just in the wrong place). The shells were extremely hard...
  15. RV's mom

    some vacation pics

    I'm going to keep it rather short... The first pic is me with my finds from the Oceanview tourmaline mine. We spent a day digging through their rubble pile and I came up the big winner. The crystal on the left is kunzite, the one on the right is a blue capped pink tourmaline (It is closer to...
  16. RV's mom

    Why did the soft shelled turtle cross the road?

    This is the soft shelled turtle blocking the golf cart lane in The Villages, Florida. It seemed to be pondering its chances of crossing the road.. heavy with golf carts and cars....... So why did the softie cross the road? It didn't. We turned it around and it went back to the swamp...
  17. RV's mom

    new RES .. and I have questions

    We have a "new" RES and I'm trying to do right... Tis a male (long front claws), and shell length a little over 5 inches. Seems healthy enough, very active and wanting OUT OUT OUT!!! We've had him less than a week and we're putting a tank together for him. It is in the process of being...
  18. RV's mom


    Please click on the shutterfly link for pics; I'm having trouble with photobucket... this one should take you to the slide show.. The question was to either let her...
  19. RV's mom

    RV's yard

    So we filled in the burrow... The 'dirt' is actually very degraded stone. the stone'fill next to our soil we had the sod spaced apart, so the bermuda would grow between - we also put down grass mix/ flowers/ weeds throughout the sod and between.. hoping for lots of growth for a hungry...
  20. RV's mom

    a few shots of RV

    so here goes... enjoying a nosh. She is such a dainty eater... the beginnings of a yawn. Very surprised to get the double row of serration on her lower jaw - no wonder they can chomp thru thick stuff... Practicing Aladar's pose. Very lucky shot of a yawn.