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  1. Momo

    7 year old Female Redfoot rehoming

    Hi guys, I am rehoming my 7 year old Redfoot. She is really lovely. She is friendly, she eats anything, and she loves to hang out by her pool and catch some rays. I live in L.A., and I am looking for an experienced owner with some outdoor space for her. Please message me. Thanks
  2. Momo

    Is this shell rot??? W/pictures

    Hey guys, Just noticed some slightly whitish part along the scutes of the plastron. Please let me know if it's shell rot? There is no sign of the whitish on the carapace. Thanks
  3. Momo

    Male or female! With pics

    Hey guys, Just wondering if this little tort is male or female! Very cute. Around four years.
  4. Momo

    Please help sex! Pics

    Hey guys, Just wondering if we have a male or female? Thanks
  5. Momo

    Big apple pet supple heat rope problems

    Hey guys, I just received my order of the heat cables. The problem is that the plug has two large prongs vs one large and one small. So I can't plug it in to anything! Making it useless. Has anyone had this problem or found a resolution? I posted a pic on its own and with a proper North...
  6. Momo

    Red and green cactus fruit

    Hey guys, I live in SoCal and there is a lot of red and green cactus fruit available right now. I have redfoots and they eat cactus regularly. However I haven't heard much about the fruit! Also there are seeds inside. Would it be better to separate fruit, from the seeds, in case of stomach...
  7. Momo

    Bathing question?

    Hi guys, I"ve had Trinity for about a month, she's four and 7.5 inches. Just wondering how frequently to bath her? So far I'm doing 3-4 times a week, and she seems to love it!
  8. Momo

    Redfoot outdoor enslosure

    Hi guys, So I finished Trinity's, and the babies outdoor enclosure. I've been busy! lol. She's actually been in it for awhile now, I just didn't have time to post, and then I started on the babies indoor enclosure. So I used the same 3.5 millimeter thick vapor barrier, and made her a really...
  9. Momo

    Baby redfoot enclosure with pics

    Hi guys, I redid the baby enclosure, because the humidity was starting to rot the wood. So I took everything out, allowed the wood to dry, scrubbed with vinegar, dried again. Then waterproofed it, and voila! New enclosure time! I used 3.5 millimeter thick vapor barrier. I used my staple gun to...
  10. Momo


    Hi guys, Sorry for the late intro. I've been so excited about getting some actual real and informed knowledge about caring for my babies... That's I forgot to introduce myself. I'm Mona, I live in SoCal, and I have recently got into tortoises. I've got Trinity, my recent rescue. Plus two...
  11. Momo

    Redfoot outdoor temp and humidity??

    Hey guys, just finishing up trinity's outdoor enclosure, and I'll post pics soon. I was just wondering about temp and humidity? I live in Socal, so currently it's in the 80-90 during the day, and 60-70 at night. She has a house with damp spagnum moss, and I'm adding another one with spagnum...
  12. Momo

    How to clean a redfoot???

    Hi guys, Just wondering how to clean Trinity. Her shell is very dry, and dusty. I know to use a toothbrush, and be gentle, could I use something? Like either baby soap or 100% natural soap? I have to get her a toothbrush, and the babies. But the babies shells are in really great shape. :) I'm...
  13. Momo

    My new rescue redfoot tortoise with pics!

    Hi guys, So this is my new tortoise, I saw him online, and I felt so bad for him, that I went and got him the next day. He's 7.5 x 5 inches, and they had him in a tiny enclosure. I'm guessing from all the help on a different thread his about 4 or five years old. He is wonderful, and very...
  14. Momo

    How old is 7ish by 5ish red foot?

    Hi everyone I'm getting another redfoot tommorow and I would like to know how old it is? Will it be old enough to sex? Thanks
  15. Momo

    Best humidifier for redfoots?

    Hi there, I'm wondering what is the best humidifier? I've seen a lot of the Crane humidifier and some vinyl tuning! Does everyone like that as their main option? Thanks
  16. Momo

    Baby pics And opening mouth

    Hi guys. I took some better pics. Just for everyone to get a good look. I think they're doing pretty good however Rudy is opening his mouth frequently. I'm hoping it's not an respitory infection. The first one is Seraphina in the bath and trying to escape. Lol The second one is Rudy. I...
  17. Momo

    Baby redfoot enclosure

    Hi there, I'm new to the group and tortoises. I aquired two red foot babies a week ago. Rudy is 2.5 inches and Seraphine is 2.25. They're wonderful. Just wanted some input on their enclosure. It's homemade. Lol. And I'm not quite done. It's 3.5 x 2.5 feet. The left is dry and the right moist...
  18. Momo

    Rf night time temp

    Hi guys, Just wondering if they should have a drop in night time temp? There enclosure is 80-90, and the cool side air temp is 80ish and 90ish hot side. But the temp gun says the ground is 74-82 on the cool side. Just got them a week ago and want to make sure I'm doing it correctly! Thanks