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  1. rmn813

    Aldabras and hay

    At what age do Aldabras typically begin eating hay?
  2. rmn813

    Juvenile Shyness

    Is there a typical age/size when juvenile shyness tends to go away?
  3. rmn813

    Babcocki vs. Pardalis

    What are the main differences in appearance and disposition between Babcocki and Pardalis?
  4. rmn813

    Can't Make Sense of this Behavior

    Right at the tail end of the summer season, I noticed my 10 year old male Leopard not moving around much. Throughout the summer he does his typical Leopard behavior by spending most of the day grazing. 3-4 days went by and no movement. I took him in and had his blood and fecal tested. Totally...
  5. rmn813

    Aldabra Breeding

    Are most of the babies we see available born here in the U.S. or are most still coming in from the Seychelles?
  6. rmn813

    Color Changes in Marginated Shells

    Do all Marginateds lose most/all of the white coloration on their shells as they age? At what age does has the color change mostly complete?
  7. rmn813

    Redfoot Not Eating, Lethargic

    I have a 10 inch WC male that came to me a few months ago. He was eating fine up until a couple weeks ago. He stopped eating and is moving around less. He is still drinking every other day. I thought it was worms and administered (2) doses of panacur over a 10 day period. Not seeing much...