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  1. EKLC

    Gopher tortoise hanging out on the side of a highway [pic + vid]

    I was driving along a rural highway in Ocala, FL today and saw this gopher tortoise in the grass. I pulled over to make sure she wasn't trying to cross and got a few shots. She was furiously eating grass when I came upon her, and then ran off to her burrow, which she had to cross a barbed wire...
  2. EKLC

    Hatchling gophers

    Someone found these two in their yard (with dogs) and the one on the right has some swelling due to ant bites. I brought them to the rehab center that I volunteer for, and they're doing fine.
  3. EKLC

    Recommendations for a thermostat controlled space heater

    The cool season is approaching, and it is more efficient to keep my reptile room warm with a space heater than to keep the whole house warm. My reptile room is about 100 sq ft, and is always closed. Anyone have any recommendations for a safe, reliable space heater that can keep the room at about...
  4. EKLC

    Cool barred owl I rescued last night

    He was standing in the middle of the street, hit by a car and a little concussed. In very good shape though, so I'm just keeping him over night. It was amazing to see him spread his wings in the context of my small duplex, they were close to 4 feet across.
  5. EKLC

    Gopher tortoise release (pics)

    I volunteer for a licensed rehabber, and today we released one of the gopher tortoises that came to us about two months ago. He was attacked by a dog and had puncture wounds, but he healed nicely and was eating voraciously while we had him. We found a wild area near his capture site that is a...
  6. EKLC

    Classic pancake pastime - squeezing through rocks

    After watching this video, (jump to 7:54) I decided to give my pancake tortoise a narrow rocky crevice of his own to stimulate his pancake instincts. It has been a huge hit, and I can now see that his preferred method of basking is to keep his body...
  7. EKLC

    Harold doesn't mind a little tropical storm

    It has been raining for 3 days straight in north central florida, and my pancake has had enough, but Harold doesn't mind.
  8. EKLC

    Pancake tortoises are sometimes very silly [vid]

    Instead of slipping under his rock like usual, Captain Flatbeard decided to climb onto his shelters, poop all over them, and then got stuck trying to slip through a hard to reach crack.
  9. EKLC

    62 on weather channel, 85 ground temp, 113 on basking surface

    Picture along the berlin wall This is his trademark pose (see summer pose) Now its climbing time
  10. EKLC

    Harold likes hay

    I bought Harold a bale of orchard grass, and throw a pile in every morning, and mix his food all up in it. Gives him lots to do during the day. He smashes the pile and drags in everywhere. Here he is looking proudly over his kingdom
  11. EKLC

    Life expectancy of the pancake tortoise?

    I am seeing a 20-30 year estimate searching the web, but these are in brief species descriptions and are probably parroted from somewhere. Perhaps a few zoo specimens lived this long, but that does not mean this is their life expectancy. I know in biology it is common for smaller animals to...
  12. EKLC

    jail breaking on xmas eve

    The captain only tolerates 15 minutes of basking for good health, then he longs for the freedom of a rocky crevice. A devious escape plan is brewing Tangled up in my state-of-the-art security Gotta love miami tortoise weather
  13. EKLC

    Vaporized antiobiotics for treating URI

    Was reading this: about the treatment of a Kemp's Ridley sea turtle with pneumonia. "This form of treatment vaporizes the medications (we use an antibiotic as well as an anti-fungal) so that they will have direct...
  14. EKLC

    Colin Kaepernick owns a 100-pound tortoise

    San Francisco 49er's QB has a sulcata Colin Kaepernick, QB for the 49er's, got a sulcata at the age of 10 Now he's 25 Looks healthy
  15. EKLC

    Vertical maze for my tort [pics]

    Captain Flatbeard was too happy sleeping under one of his rocks, so I made an activity center for him. It's like a spiral staircase with 4 levels. Still in progress, so looks a bit rough, but he seems to like it.
  16. EKLC

    Pancake stools

    Do pancakes tend to have runny stools? Mine occasionally has a solid stool, but they tend to be a bit watery. I have not had a fecal done, because his appetite has been steady for the 6 months I've had him, and there are no unusual smells or other suspicious symptoms. Plus there are solid...
  17. EKLC

    Florida pusley and old world diamond-flower

    Two obscure ones for you today, anyone know if these are o.k? Florida pusley old world diamond-flower I normally wouldn't worry about random weeds which are not on the list of common toxic species, but my pancake just gobbles these two down in such great quantities that I want...
  18. EKLC

    Washing hands between torts?

    If you have multiple tortoises (different species) and none with a history of disease, do you wash your hands between handling them? What if only dry, shell contact is made?
  19. EKLC

    My pancake tortoise outdoor enclosure [pics]

    Finished building my outdoor enclosure: Sides are 65 inch 2"x12"s, buried a couple of inches. Roof panels are made with 2"x2" frames with hardware mesh attached with poultry tack. The roof opens on a hinge. Planted carolina pet supply grazing mix, but still waiting for some things to...
  20. EKLC

    Some zucchini fun [vid]