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  1. richosullivan

    Turtle vs. Tortoise

    Saw this making the rounds and it gave me a little chuckle:
  2. richosullivan

    Solar to Power Misting System

    I was thinking about adding a solar panel to my tortoise enclosure to run a misting system - get plenty of sunlight early in the day and figured it would be cheaper in the long run over pulling power from an outlet I have in the back yard that is used to run heat panels for my 2 tort houses (and...
  3. richosullivan

    Yellowfoot Photos

    It's been a while since I have seen any YF photo's on here, would love to see any anyone has.
  4. richosullivan

    New Outdoor Enclosure

    Took advantage of the 3 day weekend and got a start on my outdoor enclosure - will be housing one 2 1/2 yo black mountain, and one 3 yo elongated. Measures 24 ft. long x 10-12 ft wide (varies along the back). Need to finish their box, putting up the fencing (to keep out racoons and a...
  5. richosullivan

    Pond Plants?

    Putting a pond in my black mountain/elongated enclosure, and wanted to stock with some pond plants - any that I need to stay away from? Any that they will eat?
  6. richosullivan

    I've got a Climber

    Took my torts in to meet my son's class and Arthur my elongated decided to put on a climbing show.
  7. richosullivan

    World Map With Tortoise Ranges

    I am looking to find a world map, if one exists, of the various tortoises ranges for a school presentation, anyone have one, or know where to find one?
  8. richosullivan

    New MEP from Vic

    I had the opportunity to go visit @emysbreeder this past weekend to see his torts and pick up this little treat:
  9. richosullivan


    I have a Miconia bush (which has now become more of a tree) that overhangs where I am planning to build my large outdoor enclosure. I've searched on the Tortoise Table and searched the forum, and even ran a few Google searches for any info on if it is safe to eat. Does anyone on here have...
  10. richosullivan

    New Outdoor Table - Lots of Pics

    Took an old Thomas the Tank Engine table, reinforced it, and added a top. Being in Florida gives me great hummidity (but installed a mister using the Mister Timer to run during the hotter part of the day: Still adding a few more plants...
  11. richosullivan

    New Elongated and Yellow Foot dad

    New Elongated and Yellow Foot owner, been on here reading the forums for advice, thought it would be a good idea to join. Thanks in advance for all the good advice I have already received, and future recommendations.