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  1. Gijoux

    Well Started Leopard (SPb) Tortoise Hatchlings For Sale:

    All my hatchlings are raised in a closed chamber enclosure with a minimum of 80% humidity and a minimum temperature of 80℉ on the cool side of the enclosure. The babies have been eating Organic Green Leaf, Red Leaf, Kale, Spring Mix and Escarole/Endive that can be purchased at any grocery store...
  2. Gijoux

    Leopard (S.P.b.) Tortoise Hatchlings babies

    Leopard (Babcocki) Tortoise babies are ready to go to their forever homes, with more on the way! I have a number of very uniquely marked, one of a kind babies among these clutches. These babies, who hatched during the month of April, have been raised in a closed chamber with a minimum of 80%...
  3. Gijoux

    Leopard Tortoise Babies For Sale

    Leopard Tortoises (P.b.) babies for Sale. All hatched throughout the month of September 2019 (now 2-3 months old) and all are beautifully marked babies. They are averaging 70g now. These babies have been raised utilizing @Tom’s recommendations with 85+% humidity and all are eating and...